Latest analysis, editorials, studies, reports, letters & Releases from miscellaneous sources For June 28/14

A War of Sectarians, Not a Sectarian War/By: Amir Taheri/Asharq Alawsat/June 28/14

Iran’s biggest challenge? To retain its strategic ‘crescent’/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/June 28/14

ISIS has reached the border of Saudi Arabia/By: Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/June 28/14

Reports From Miscellaneous Sources For June 28/14
Lebanese Related News

U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Further Restricts Hizbullah Activities

Syria Rejects Bassil's Idea of Border Refugee Camps

Saniora Urges Avoiding Regional 'Volcanoes' to Halt Lebanon Terrorist Operations

Qabbani Urges Election of President to End Chaos

Terrorist Group Linked to ISIL Claims Duroy Bombing

Siniora: Hezbollah's Syria exit is a security priority
Shaar Says Not Running for Grand Mufti Post Unless Consensual
Report: Saudi Delegation to Visit Beirut over Bomber's Identity

Detainee Confesses to Hiding Explosives in his Land in Fnaideq

Beirut Electrician Keeps Shatila Camp Dwellers on the Grid

President Amin Gemayel Admitted to Hospital after Leg Injury

Beirut Electrician Keeps Shatila Camp Dwellers on the Grid

Change and Reform MP Micheal Helou Passes Away

Berri Prioritizes Security but Rejects Paralysis of Cabinet, Parliament

Citibank, foreign financiers mull Lebanon investment

Israel tells US: Iraqi Kurdistan is inevitable

UN rejects Iran, Saudi request to condemn Israel

Liberman: Israeli Arabs who demonstrated against IDF are terrorists

West plan strategy to rescue Iran nuclear deal

Miscellaneous Reports And News For June 27/14

King Abdullah calls up Saudi armed forces on high preparedness. Egyptian troops ready to fly to kingdom

US Mideast envoy quits after attempt at peace deal
Pope Cancels Rome Trip after 'Sudden Indisposition'
Dozens of Foreign Diplomats Seek Asylum in Canada
Ukraine Seals EU Deal that Sparked Revolution and Crisis, Poroshenko 'to Extend Ceasefire'
Kerry in Saudi to Discuss Syria, Iraq
U.S. Flying Armed Drones over Baghdad

Iraq Forces Fight for Militant-Held Tikrit

Kerry Says Moderate Syria Rebels Could Aid Fight on Iraq Jihadists

Iraq Top Shiite Cleric Urges Unity in Government Formation

Humanitarian Corridors Needed to Reach Many Displaced in Iraq

Iraq's Barzani Says Kurdish Self-Rule in Kirkuk to Stay

Egypt's Sisi in Sudan after Africa 'Terrorism' Warning

Israeli Air Raid Kills Two Palestinians in Gaza

Iraqi Crisis/Own up to intervention 

Hezbollah Occupies Lebanon
Elias Bejjani/Every politician in Lebanon knows very well that Hezbollah is behind each and every atrocity, explosion or any other criminal act, BUT sadly the oppression and serious threats that Hezbollah criminals inflict on the Lebanese politicians and intellectuals force many of them to swallow their tongues and to practice with mere Dhimmitude mentality.