Jails' Gates will open
By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra
April 23/2005

History teaches us that liberation is not accomplished through yearning, and the release of political prisoners is not secured through beggary. The first public mission in the aftermath of liberation is breaking jails' gates.

During the last 28 years thousands of Lebanese individuals and leaders were imprisoned because of political reasons. Many died while in detention, while few were successful in securing their release through ransoms. Meanwhile hundreds of arbitrary detainees remain incarcerated in Syrian jails, in addition to thousands and thousands who were forced into exile and immigration.

For years, families of the missing victims have been calling for justice, while the families of the political prisoners kept on begging for their release.

For years the Lebanese Forces has been with in vain demanding the release of its Leader, Dr. Samir Geagea .

Soon Lebanon's sovereignty shall be reclaimed with the end of the Syrian Army withdrawal, and the resignation or firing of the Lebanese Syrian puppet security chiefs. They will be replaced by others who shall be capable to be accountable for the country's security.

In the realm of change the country is preparing itself for a parliamentary election through which hopefully the people will be to   elect freely their own members of parliament. MP'S who authentically represent their hopes, wishes, aspirations and can run the country effectively on their behalf.

In the Arab countries jails' gates are often opened and prisoners releases in occasion like the birth of a child  for a ruler or the circumcision of this child. Should not the Gates of these jails be opened on the occasion of reclaiming sovereignty and in the aftermath of the assassination of big leaders?

For all of the above we draw the attention of the Lebanese MP'S and officials whose term is ending soon for the following facts:

- In case they were still Syrian puppets up until 26/4/05, we advice them to wake up, quickly repent and start taking fair decrees to secure the release of arbitrary detainees and unveil the fate of the missing.

- If actually they were not involved or accountable for the brutal and inhuman crimes that were committed during their reign, they have an obligation to help in uncovering these crimes and disclosing their perpetrators. The fact is that he who commits a crime and he who covers for it are both equal in the criminal act.

In the wake of the  impending liberation and the reclaim of independence, freedom and sovereignty, and in case Lebanon's MP's and officials fail to execute their national commitments and duties, we suggest that our brothers and sisters, the detainees' families in general, and the Lebanese Forces in particular to have the honor of breaking the jails' gates to free the Lebanese citizens who were imprisoned by the occupier and its local collaborators.

(N.B: Translated from Arabic by: Elias Bejjani, LCCC Media Chairman)