"Betrayal of the Cause"
 By: General Michel Aoun
 (Translated by: Elias Bejjani)
 8 May 1998

 The word treason combines all possible negative traits that could be ascribed to any person. It degrades dignity, disgraces honor and diminishes one's worth. Treason is, in its very essence, the opposite of every code of honor between individuals or between the individual and the group. While the signs of betrayal are readily observable in relations between two individuals, they are murkier in the relationship of an individual with himself and in the relationship between a person and a group. Certain diversity of conduct at times, can seemingly conceal treason under certain slogans and give it positive meanings making it difficult to detect, criticize or analyze. This kind of betrayal is extremely dangerous to both the individual and group, much like a malignant cancer which is usually diagnosed only after it has inflicted life-threatening damage to the victim, making treatment very difficult.
 Analyzing individual and group behavior in Lebanese society enlightens our own failures and provides the means for self improvement and for helping others who have sincere intentions abandon dysfunctional concepts. It also helps in confronting others and removing their disguises. A disguised enemy is much more harmful than one who is exposed and operates in broad daylight. Treason is manifested in different forms:
 Treason of neutrality in the national struggle: A person cannot be neutral when it comes to his/her own identity and the sovereignty, independence and freedom of his/her country. National affairs are not subject to the debate between pro-regime and opposition politicians. National affairs are everyone's concern and should be adopted by all who yearn to live in the haven that a free, sovereign, and independent country provides.
 Treason of silence: This is when we refrain from denouncing moral and physical crimes committed against citizens by either security forces, the fraudulent judiciary or through any of the puppet authority's arbitrary decrees.
 Treason of independent action in national affairs, which will not achieve victory in the national struggle.
 Treason of ignorance: This applies to those who confuse the national struggle--the obligations of all citizens in solidarity-- with political action that turns other citizens into competitors.
 Treason of abandoning the National struggle: this consists of abandoning the struggle in favor of submission to financial and moral pressures. A nation that cannot reject pressures applied to it or refuse bribery when offered to it is not in a position to demand freedom and dignity. These privileges are not granted for subservient societies, which shall remain in a status of slavery and exploitment.
 Treason of false accession: this transpires when certain individuals are accused of treason superficially, groundlessly, and recklessly by those who parrot the enemy's propaganda, contributing to the destruction of public trust and social cohesion.
 Treason of meglomania: the practitioner of this kind of treason claims that he is the center of the universe without whom the Earth cannot revolve.
 We witness these forms of treason on a daily basis. Accordingly It has become a national obligation to fight and eradicate them from ourselves and from others. Escaping from this trap necessitates honesty with self and others. What really surprises us is seeing high ranking political and religious leaders take a very low profile and extremely reserved stances while the very existence of our country is threatened and on the verge of being dismantled. These so-called "resistance leaders" should have been on the forefront of our national resistance. Each one of us must take out a pencil and underline where he has betrayed the cause and then try to rectify himself. Doing so shields our society and safeguards our cause.