"Election for Imposing Change"
 By: General Michel Aoun
 (Translated by: Elias Bejjani)
 22 May 1998

 Dear Fellow Lebanese,
 The regime has set the dates for municipal and mayoral elections. This is a very important and unique opportunity through which you can impose your opinion, so take advantage of it.
 Remember, nominees who are traitors and collaborators will approach you disguised under one hundred and one faces asking for your ballot. Refuse to vote for them because their masters:
 infringed on your property
 threatened your security
 Stole your money
 Impoverished you
 Starved you
 Stripped you
 Displaced you and granted Lebanese citizenship haphazardly to tens of thousands of foreigners who do not deserve it.
 Muffled intellectual's voices
 Muzzled peoples' cries for freedom
 Displaced and exiled good citizens.
 The traitorous regime has destroyed Lebanon's morals, and violated its laws. They adopted and enforced Mafia-style conduct and rules.
 When casting your ballot you are not going to be asked to shed blood, take risks, or give money. You will be asked only to cast your ballot, a small paper that will reflect your conscience. It could change the hardships you are encountering and be a stepping stone to the beginning of a new national era.
 Tomorrow in the voting booth you will be by yourself, confronting only your conscience. You will either dare to vote the traitors out and start a new spirit of change, or surrender to rotten traditions with cowardice and indifference, choosing consensual slavery instead of responsible freedom. You are responsible for your choice.