"Untitled Commentary"
By: General Michel Aoun
(Translated by: Elias Bejjani)
21 August 1998

On the 11th of August 1998 the Lebanese Security Forces arrested in Batroun (a City in North Lebanon) two young male members of the Free National Current for distributing the "Lebanese Bulletin". When I learned about this shameful infringement on the basic right of free expression, I tried logically to give the current imposed Lebanese regime a title that matches its practices...that was not possible, and this explains why my commentary this week is with no title.

The actual descriptions of this regime are numerous, and in fact, no one description can be favored over another. The only common traits among members of the regime are scandals, robberies, subservience and collaboration with the occupying foreign troops. It governs through the barbaric military and intelligence force of the occupation troops, breaks every law in the book, oppresses the people instead of protecting them, and encourages crime instead of fighting it.

Extremely helpless and incapacitated, unable to accomplish anything positive or solve any encountered obstacles, the regime fabricates problems, infringes on rights, resorts to intimidation tactics and imposes silence on the people and exposes them to its evil revengeful acts. It has no credibility--it is deceitful, vindictive, fearful of the truth, and utters only obscenities and false accusations. It instigates people against each other, has no code of ethics and lacks the minimum requirements of accountability.

An outlawed, enslaved regime with no ethics, its decisions are criminal, and every day it proves this more and more. It fears freedoms and is terrified of liberation, and it arrests and persecutes those who call or lobby for them. A corrupted regime, steals and encourages thievery and knavery and involves everybody in its treacherous acts to camouflage responsibilities. It has become a role model for criminals, murderers, thieves and outlaws.

A disgraced regime with no self respect or dignity, it compensates for its humiliation by the occupiers and its inferiority complexes through oppressive measures against weak-willed people and rhetorically poses on TV. A cowardice regime fears its shadow, assaults people left and right and targets only the innocent and disarmed ...to kneel, crawl and bow before every lawbreaker.

A regime of gangs and Mafia with no national conscience or sense of justice, it acts exactly like a broker serving the occupiers, the influential foreign powers and its own interests. It breaks the law and claims to be its protector through a judiciary system that has became a cover for all infringements, transgressions and mischief.

It is a panicked regime with a sick conscience burdened with all kinds of crimes and a record with no one positive virtue for future penance. It fears being held accountable to its own people when the day of judgement comes. It is rude, ill-mannered, vicious and commits transgressions with no shame or remorse.

The eye that haunted Cain to his grave will chase Lebanon's regime officials till the last day, the day of judgement.