The Good News of Liberation
By: General Michel Aoun
(Translated By: Elias Bejjani)

In the Lebanese Bulletin (Annashra) edition # 95 of May 21/1999, I addressed the Lebanese people and confirmed to them that we will have our peace in the Middle East a year from now. My personal hope is that this peace will bring stability to our society, the withdrawal of foreign troops from our country, and the end of suffering for our people in the south and throughout Lebanese territory. If there is no peace a year from now, there will definitely be something else other than the current status quo.

In the Lebanese Bulletin (Annashra) edition 119, of September 5/2000, I affirmed to the Lebanese people that the resistance must be congratulated for its superb achievements of forcing Israel to withdraw unconditionally from Lebanon, for it has accomplished its objectives as planned. It has also
managed to overcome all obstacles and sacrifices much in the process, becoming the only example in the ArabWorld of regaining what was lost without any intercessions, negotiation or compromise.

Now with the Israeli occupation coming to an end, it is time for Syria to terminate its occupation too. We are persistent, adamant and decisive in continuing what we have initiated in the era between 1988-1990. For the future's sake, we want to see Syrian top officials comprehend this reality. We want the Syrians to avoid bringing back the past that is actually full of all kinds of known and unknown crimes. Meanwhile, gambling with Lebanon's fate is not permitted any more. Syrian officials must be aware that the Lebanese resistance has reached its full capacity and arrived at its maximum borders. Pressuring it further would end in its internal explosion.

The Syrian diplomacy is maneuvering through Lebanon's puppet government and its rubber stamp appointed Parliament. Syria is trying hard to abort the UN mission in South Lebanon in a bid to maintain the deteriorating status quo there. Syria is ignoring the fact that its vicious maneuvers have been unveiled and known to all concerned parties regionally and internationally. Syria cannot indefinitely use the Lebanese puppet regime as a buffer zone and a shield to cover its acts in the eyes of the international society. The whole world considers Syria fully responsible for all the unfolding events in Lebanon …this is neither acceptable nor tolerable any more.

Now, and after Israel has withdraw from South Lebanon, the Syrians should do the same and leave the rest of our country with their troops too. This postponed Syrian withdrawal is due now after we have paid in advance a great deal of blood and distruction. Lebanon's martyrs who fell in the honor battlefield are with us these days waiting eagerly to celebrate the big day when the whole of Lebanon is free again, not only in its southern territory, but also in all its regions.

In the capacity of friends and brothers, if Syria accepts us in this status, we want to advise its leadership to announce its withdrawal from Lebanon unilaterally and without an agreement. By doing so, and by taking such a stance, an agreement with Lebanon will take place automatically. The same thing would not be accepted under conditions, custody or occupation.

In case Syria considers our advice hostile, and chooses to decline from taking it, this means its regime has a big problem. In fact, Syria will not find among its Lebanese appointed official or its made politicians any one with enough courage to give its leadership such advice and rescue them from Lebanon’s dilemma. On the contrary, these puppets will encourage Syria to maintain its occupation over Lebanon indefinitely, and ultimately drown both its leadership and regime into the Lebanese mud that has been trapping many others.
Long Live Free Lebanon
Paris 2/6/2000