Aoun: Beirut's regime attempts to entice me aims to create chaos among the opposition.
Report from Al Balaad Newspaper
Beirut - 27/12/04
General Aoun accused the Beirut authorities to be approaching him with evasion and pressure, while at the same time practicing  numerous enticing attempts.
In response to the date of his trial on January 8/2004, that was set by the Beirut judiciary; Aoun said: "in my opinion this matter is a mere vehicle of pressure exercised by the authority, but it will not lead to any change in my stances towards this authority, nor in my well known previous patriotic positions", Adding: "This style is not new, it is not the first time that the authority charges me with such accusations that are not based on any  facts or proves".
In addressing the Beirut's officials' "positive", statements towards him, Aoun said: " Some might consider such statements as alluring and as attempts to bring me around, in a bid for me to turn the page (forget) of  the past, in return for my approval for starting a dialogue, specially in regards to the coming parliamentary elections. As far as I an concerned the issue is not the elections, but a national one that relates to Lebanon's future and fate. This is the only topic, the topic of Lebanon's future that I have been asking to be put above and beyond any thing else, and I will continue to do. I have spent fifteen years in exile struggling to ensure a clear vision to the actual Lebanese cause at the international circles. Lately this objective has been fulfilled. Now after all what has been achieved, I am not willing to retreat backwards, to the narrow corners of electoral interests".
About the Lebanese governmental suggestions to settle his judiciary file and allow him to return to Lebanon, Aoun responded by: "there are no proposals, but suggestions and media rhetoric from here and there, aiming to create confusion among the opposition ranks". and added:  "The approximation attempts practiced towards me by some governmental officials, are mere dead ended maneuvers because my file will be closed only after the Lebanese Cabinet cancels all its decisions related to me".

N.B: Translated by the LCCC Media Chairman