"Mother Theresa's Message to Lebanon"
By: General Michel Aoun
(Translated by: Elias Bejjani

Mother Theresa carried her message in her shrewd mind, capable hands and affectionate heart. She turned it wisely into a valid workable strategy for the advantage of impoverished people. Mother Theresa embodied a heavenly message. She united with others, until she became one with them, and they became one with her.

Mother Theresa carried India's hardships in her heart, until she became India's mother. Although India is the country of wisdom, its people suffer from great ethnic, religious, political and social divisions. However, these divisions were transcended when the whole world united in prayer for the eternal rest of Mother Theresa's soul. The red colors of India's Province of Calcutta were put aside in respect for Mother Theresa's funeral, and replaced by the white and blue colors that characterize her nuns order of love. Her funeral was beautiful, although there is no beauty in funerals. Her death became bigger than the death itself, and nothing is bigger than death on earth.

Mother Theresa was and shall remain a spring of water in Earth's Hell. She shall remain a flower in the fields of thorn, a light in the deep dim darkness, and a hope in the world of despair.
Mother Theresa based her understanding of human relationships on the need to discover the good in others before condemning the evil in them. She aroused all the good and vanquished the evil.

Mother Theresa, you were able to bring together, for the common good, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Sihks .... Mother Theresa, be a an example for us, the Lebanese people, to awaken the good inside ourselves and lay to rest the evil, and to unite for the purpose of building a society appropriate for mankind.

Can we hear the sermon of India? Can we read Mother Theresa's message? Or will the uproar of explosions and dense smoke block our hearing and reading?