"Devouring Cadavers"
BY; General Michel Aoun
(Translated by: Elias Bejjani)

During a cabinet session on September 18, Mr. Walid Jumblat asked why Christian ministers have refrained from protesting against patriarch Sfeir's statements relating to the Syrian military presence in Lebanon. Jumblat praised the Syrian troops and described them as national peace protectors. He said without them partition will hit again the Lebanese army and institutions.

Following Jumblat's statements, the Lebanese lived a week rich with humiliating and degrading scenes. In response to a Syrian decree, members of the Lebanese cabinet were organised into pairs. Every day, by rotation for seven consecutive days, a pair headed to the media arena riding on a Syrian horse reciting what they have memorised like parrots--attacking the enemies, praising Asad's Syria, cajoling, bowing, kneeling, kissing the brotherly Syrian boot, and extending their thanks and graces of dignity and peace under the brotherhood and friendship umbrella. The mighty knights than leave the arena giving their place to other courageous heroes to go on with their theme of threats, praises and cajoling.

A scene from tales of the past is imposed on us every moment although these scenes are always provocative and make us spew The game of statements always coincides with attacks on Christians in which their responsibilities in certain events are faked. They attribute to Christians things that have nothing to do with them. They are provoked verbally, then threatened with punishment again if they don't repent from calling for freedom, sovereignty and independence.

This style in politics and ruling aims to destroy freedom, because freedom in a world of darkness and awkwardness is a fermenting bacteria for public peace and stability. Christian society is a fertile environment for the growth of freedom, and accordingly the destruction of this society improves the chances of the future totalitarianism in the East.

Taking over the country through a coup by a national army is a crime... while fulfilling this same aim through foreign troops is a major treason. Heroes of major treason in Lebanon defend occupation - among those Christians and Muslims - and those who resist the occupation are also Christians and Muslims.
The national cause is above all names. He who wears the garment of treason, degrading and betrayal is unable to change it with labels of Christian or Muslim to justify the continuity of foreign control of Lebanon. The time for truth has come and cheating is over.
The time of betrayal is past, and no matter how close this past seems to be, it it is still far, far away. By the same token, the time of resistance is arriving, and no matter how far it may seem, it is very very close.