"Lebanon's Quislings"
By: General Michel Aoun
(Translated by: Elias Bejjani)

Consider the miseries encountered by the Lebanese people in every aspect of their lives and the hardships they go through in every field of their daily activities, the material that they read every morning in the newspapers or listen to on the radio stations, the censored programs they watch on numerous local T.V. stations. If we try to contemplate the horrendous difficulties they deal with on a daily basis, there should be no surprise as to why they are in a state of disgust and repulsion.

In addition to these hardships, the Lebanese are forced to live with the acts and behavior of the collaborators in their regime. These quislings talk about Lebanon, as if they are speaking about a very ill person whose death in their eyes is imminent. Instead of rescuing the country, they accelerate its death and then await their turn to offer condolences. The quislings' only concern is to keep the Sultan (occupiers) happy.

The devil granted them boldness from his graces, and they have no shame. They lie continuously and humiliate innocent people. They feign surprise from scandals, which in fact they perpetuate. They preach celibacy, while in reality they practice political prostitution. They tell stories of dignity, but they have none. They communicate with their fellow citizens in a rude and harsh manner, while they bow and kneel to their foreign masters.

They insult the honest people, and at the same time use the softest language with the occupiers. They soften their backs so the buttocks of those who ride them would not be scratched. They kiss the hand that beats them and lick the hand that feeds them, after biting the hand that protected and defended them.

These are Lebanon's quislings. Beware of them, and never forget their crimes.