Let it be told!!
Elie Frangi

Let it be told, August 2004 brought about the death of the remaining so called democracy to a nation that’s as old as time.
The Land of the Cedars, our homeland was dealt a lethal blow by its oppressors and their puppets by publicly voicing Lahood’s extension by amending the constitution.
Last week H.E Prime Minister General Aoun stated that General Lahood has turned his back on two institutions he swore to protect. Firstly, The Army, where he swore to protect his country and flag. Secondly, the constitution he vowed to uphold and respect.
Lebanon has experienced many lows in his modern history, the current events surely add to the horrorific events this nation has suffered and endured, yet we remained positive.
In 1990 we, the Lebanese, lost the battle against a US blessed Syrian invasion on the last remaining free area of Lebanon which its legitimate leader ousted in exile, but to this day, we refuse to lose the war.
In August 2001, we, the future of Lebanon were injured, bruised and beaten by the Syrian oppressors and their allies, but our spirits and aspirations were not broken.
On the 2nd anniversary of the closure of the MTV - 4th of September 2002 is when Lebanon’s freedom of speech and freedom of the press was lost, we are reminded that our voices and cries did not die, instead they got stronger.
Now, August 2004, the Syrian dictatorship has dealt its final card on its "Sisterly" neighbour. Over the last few weeks the dictatorship has summoned its pawns to Damascus via Anjar to discuss, no to implement, the next Lebanese President against the will of the people.
In a true democracy the populous decide on who would best represent the people. The populous would decide who has the nation’s best interest at heart and who could lead a nation into prosperity. However, this was always going to be a one horse race. Leading the contenders was the favourite, the ever reliable and smiling puppet, General Emile Lahood. The true and only candidate his Syrian leaders wanted for the job.
Pawns that originally voiced their objection to the amendments, now voice their praise for the decision that was made for them. A classic example of this is the puppet appointed billionaire, Puppet Prime Minister Rafic Harriri.
The billionaire publicly vowed to resign if Lahood was re-instated as the Republic’s President. How opinions change after a visit to Syria via Anjar.
After 14 years of struggle, our Holy Cause has finally achieved the right publicity it requires. The truth will always prevail. In the past, mainstream press voiced its support for the Syrian Hegemony of Lebanon which it, the media had called a friendly alliance. Since September 11, how the tone has changed, particularly over the last month.
On the 29th of August 2004, headlines across major mainstream outlets condemned the tampering of the constitution. These headlines were seen on CNN, BBC, NY Post, Associated Press, Reuters and other prominent websites including Islam-Online.
On the 4th of September 2004, Syria’s control over its smaller neighbour through a proxy government was complete. They had successfully amended the illegal amendment of the Lebanese constitution. Lahood had achieved another three years as Head Puppet.
Prior to the unconstitutional amendment, the UN Security Council passed a new resolution sponsored by the US and co-sponsored by France in regards to Lebanon. UN Resolution 1559, the resolution calls for elections to take place in Lebanon as per the constitution, which forbids a President from running for two consecutive terms.  The Resolution also stipulates that all foreign forces must leave Lebanon including the Syrian occupying forces.
Over the last few days, the US State Department again voiced its opposition to the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, its support of terrorist groups and support of Hezbollah. It also accused the Syrian Baathist Regime of meddling in Lebanese affairs.
International forces including Angola, Benin, Chile, France, Germany, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States have condemned the actions par took by the Syrians and have threatened further international sanctions.
The days of the Syrian occupation are numbered. The time has come for the Lebanese to regain and assert their destiny. The time has come for the Syrians to withdraw their troops and secret service apparatus’ and respect the Lebanese call for Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence of a nation which is 10452 KM sq. A nation we love and will protect. A nation called Lebanon.
The time has come for all Lebanese within Lebanon and the Diaspora to stand and be countered for. The day of salvation and freedom is upon us. We must stand united on the day of Lebanon’s new independence.
The end of Lebanon’s Dark Age is here, and a new chapter in Freedom awaits us.