To all friends of Lebanon:
Edward djeredjian, president of the James Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, Texas, and who as ambassador of the US to Syria in the 1980s co-engineered with Richard Murphy the bloody takeover of Lebanon by Syria is doing it again.
At a time when President Bush has declared war on terrorism, and has put Syria on notice to cease and desist from its terrorist activities and its occupation of Lebanon, Mr. Djeredjian has invited representatives of the Syrian dictatorship to Rice University.
As Americans, we deplore Mr. Djeredjian's continued catering to the Syrian vulgar tyranny that has murdered its own people, led a 30-year war against Lebanon, refuses to this day to recognize the right of Lebanon to exist as a sovereign and independent nation, maintains 35,000 troops of occupation on Lebanese soil, and has cornered Lebanon into fighting a futile war against Israel that Syria itself dare not fight.
Syria is currently the subject of a House bill (HR8843) and a Senate bill (S2215) in the US COngress. It is inconceivable that Rice University hosts representatives of the Syrian terror regime at a time when the nation is still mourning its dead following the terrorist attacks of Sept 11.
Please contact Rice University, the Houston press, and your Congressional representatives, and ask them not to host the event of this May 20 -23.  See the attached newspiece for information.
Lebanon needs your help. Defeat the Syrian terror. Tell the world and Mr. Djeredjian that Syria is not welcome in the heart of Texas.  
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