Truth behind Lebanese elections!!
By: Charbel Constantine
Spokesman For the Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club (CPCSC)
June 1/2005
Dear fellow patriots,

As we are all aware of the situation unfolding in Lebanon, I would like to urge everyone both living in Lebanon and abroad to either vote or convince their families and friends to vote with a clear, rational, and educated decision. As is evident by this unlawful electoral law, people and parties such as Jumblatt, Hariri, Berri and Hizbullah have formed a coalition in order to monopolize the next parliament in which they can pass any legislation and law at will. This includes the fate of Dr. Samir Geagea, the arbitrarily imprisoned Lebanese Forces (LF) leader that will be solely left to their discretion and approval.

Waves of propaganda have been recently initiated by media outlets such as "AL Mustaqbal" newspaper. They are attempting to falsely portray and fabricate Jumblatt’s image to present him to the Lebanese people as a national hero who bravely stood up against the Syrian extension of Lahoud's term, was and is the main opposition to Syria’s tutelage over Lebanon, and along with Hariri is the one responsible for national unity.
Well people let me assure you that this propaganda is deceitful, utterly misleading, and false. They are not uniting the Lebanese but rather attempting to assimilate everyone under their hegemony. These are the same corrupt politicians and parties that have been reaping the benefits of the Syrian terrorism and occupation of Lebanon over the past 15 years, while the true opposition such as the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and LF have been persecuted, alienated from the political system, their leaders and followers imprisoned, exiled, and oppressed. It was only few months ago that Jumblatt hosted Khaddam at Mukhtara where Jumblatt reaffirmed his allegiance to his masters in Damascus. The words 'bravery, honesty, and transparency' are contradictory to the true self image of Jumblatt while his trademark has been one of mere survivorship in which he would sell his soul to the devil to maintain his status quo.

The current alternative to these thieves, traitors, and corrupt politicians is General Aoun. This is a man who unlike many politicians in Lebanon did not inherit his fame but rather gained it through his honesty, transparency, convictions, and principles. Even after 15 years of exile these same characteristics remain his virtue and his line of duty. Unlike others he did not sell his self dignity, honor, convictions, and principles for parliamentary seats that were guaranteed to him by Jumblatt, Hariri, and the rest of their proxies. Some people succumbed to such devilish offers and sold their dignity for one miserable seat while the General refused a guaranteed eight. Even under this rather unfair electoral law which is a perfect fit for these thieves the General will still prevail. His victory may not be that of electoral seats, but rather that of courage, bravery, and most importantly un-selfishness. No other politician in Lebanon or even in the world would sacrifice such opportunities such as parliamentary seats and even a shot at the presidency for the sake of the simple elements of principles and convictions.

I urge everyone not to be blinded by such false propaganda spread by such thieves and traitors. These people are running election campaigns without political agendas and merely attempting to ride the wave of sympathy from Hariri's death while the General is the only one presenting a political agenda that can lead Lebanon for the next 15 or even 20 years.

You can view that political program through the following site in French, Arabic and English:

Long Live Freedom

***The Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club (CPCSC), is a Canadian - Lebanese NGO.
(Representative of the FPM in the city of Toronto)