Iran & Turkey are the actual threat to the Arabs
By: Elias Bejjani

June 08/2010

In his recent rhetorical salvo with the State of Israel in the aftermath of the maritime Flotilla confrontation, Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has proved par excellence his supremacy over Iranian and Arab leaders and their intelligence and media linguistic experts in the venomous usage of fabricated, misleading, camouflaged, deceptive and demagogical slogans. In his theatrical, emotional, religious speeches and statements, he appealed to the Islamic world, Arabs and Palestinians, and evilly resorted to all tactics and strategies of bragging, hatred, stirring of instincts, fundamentalism and hostilities.

Mr. Erdogan cunningly and with malice endeavored to portray himself and his country as guardians for the Palestinian liberation cause and as holy angels whom heaven has sent to work on lifting the sea blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza strip.

In his hysterical anti-Israel rampage he did not only viciously attack Israel and defend the Palestinians, but he also boldly and stupidly humiliated and insulted the Arabs when he said in one of his fiery bragging statements: "Israel must know that Turkey is not like other countries, and definitely not a tribe". What he was saying loudly and clearly is that he is not an Arab, but Turkish and Turkey is not like the Arab countries".

What the whole world, and specially the Arabs, should know is that the Turkish government does not actually care about the Palestinians or about their cause, and historically Turkey never did. Erdogan and his government are trying to sell the Arab countries and people mere rhetorical merchandise that the Arabs sadly emotionally and religiously cherish.

This recent aggressive Turkish rhetorical maneuvers have been taking place through a forged theatrical show of hostilities and hatred against Israel and a deceitful support to the Palestinian cause. It is just an empty rhetoric that the Turks are smartly abusing as a vehicle to get into the Arab countries and have more power as a pretext to their expansion, hegemony and covert ploys for domination.

The Turks cannot deliver anything that they are offering, advocating for or bragging about. Their rhetoric is void of any actual context and has no credibility at all. Meanwhile, Iran has been playing the same game and using the same rhetoric, but also combined with force and terrorism through its two armed proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Both Iran and Turkey share the same anti-Arab and anti-Israel schemes of expansionism and a persistent quest for power and domination. They are fighting their battles through different means and ways to gain more power and more control in the Arab countries and have a piece of the Arab oil cake.

Both countries believe that the USA is now weak and will get weaker after withdrawing from Iraq and that its withdrawal will leave a power vacuum in the region which both countries are working on very hard to fill. They are using the Israeli hostility tag and the bogus support for the Palestinians as a camouflage for their vicious schemes. Sadly, the Arabs love and cherish these two tags and have a weak spot for them.

In reality and actuality, both Iran and Turkey, and not Israel, have become the actual and lethal threat to the Arab countries and their natural resources, particularly the oil.
They are the real enemies that the Arab countries, especially the Arabian Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, should focus on seriously and work united to face and deter with no hesitation, dhimmitude or fear whatsoever.

Ironically, the moderate Arab countries are not yet openly standing together to stop and abort the Iranian and Turkish invasion attempts. Unless these countries unite, declare their intentions of confrontation and take all measures required for the confrontation, Iran and Turkey will gradually conquer their countries and resurrect both the dead Ottoman and the Persian empires.

The whole world by now knows for a fact that the so called “Freedom Fleet" was a mere jihadist mission and not a mission of peace. It was fully orchestrated jointly by Turkey and Iran in a bid to serve their anti-Arab and anti-Israel plots and plans. Both countries couldn’t care less about the Palestinians and about their cause, but they are deviously abusing them as a mere vehicle of deception and camouflage.

Unfortunately, the Arabs love day dreaming and imaginary heroism. Without a doubt, the Flotilla confrontation played on the Arabs' wishful thinking and blurred their vision to see the actual hidden Turkish and Iranian agenda of hostility and expansionism.

Turkey’s deceitful Flotilla propaganda escapade was successful in selling the Arabs and fanatical Muslims a false grandiose feeling of heroism, while Iran was successful at the same time in temporarily diverting the world focus away from its nuclear activities.

In conclusion, Iran and Turkey, and not Israel, are the actual threat to the Arab countries. The time has come for all free world countries, especially the US Obama administration, Arab world, and Europe to start speaking to the rogue countries and organizations, including Turkey, using the only language that they know and understand, the language of strength and force. All other means are futile and a complete - and an existentially dangerous- waste of time.

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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