Syria's Obstructive Strategy of Resistance
By: Elias Bejjani

January 19/09

The majority of Middle Eastern rulers and politicians are corrupt and deceptive hypocrites. They are experts at formulating empty rhetoric, while declaring illusory and misleading popular slogans, inventing false national stillborn causes and adopting demagogic attitudes, all the while fighting Don Quixote battles and wars.

They are merchants of blood and destruction and thrive and flourish only on miseries and disasters that they purposely inflict on their own people. Their tools and weapons are treachery, deceit, selfishness and opportunism. They worship power, thrive for total influence, and are ready to do any thing to pile more money into their coffers. Dignity, honor, sacrifice and benevolence are all foreign terms to them.

Since the establishment of the state of Israel in the forties, the majority of these Middle Eastern rulers and politicians along with their corrupt parties, militias and religious dictatorships, have been imposing on their people few bitter choices; either mere silence, absolute subservience, and blind, unquestionable loyalty to their oppressive regimes, or the risk of facing pre-fabricated serious accusation and charges of national treason and treachery.

They are specialists in all methods of brutal torture, oppression, persecution and organized crime, and use these to enforce the fabrication of false judicial cases and political assassinations against their own citizens.

For the last 70 years they have been killing their own people's spirit of freedom and peace, while abolishing all avenues of expression. They promote and spread in their own countries the education and culture of fanaticism, terrorism, ignorance and intolerance. These warlords aggressively fight all forms of democracy, freedom and justice, because these are their enemy. Their people have no say in any governance or decision making processes, and when any sort of election takes place, the results are predetermined and tailored to suit the master’s needs.

The most evil, repressive and notorious of all the Middle East regimes is the Syrian Baathist one. For the last thirty years, the rulers of this Stalinist regime have been murdering, persecuting and humiliating their own people and instigating chaos and strife in all neighboring countries; Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Israel.

The Syrian Baathist regime rulers are very skilled in deception and in creating false, heroic national slogans. Two of their most popular slogans are that of ‘resistance’ (mukawama) and ‘obstruction’ (momanaa). They allege that their ‘resistance’ is against the state of Israel, and that the obstruction of the ‘resistance’ aims to kill any peace or reconciliation with it. Under these two Mockery tags, the Syrian regime jointly works with the Iranian Mullahs and their proxy terrorist groups to abort any chances or opportunities for peace in the Middle East.

One may wonder against whom do they exercise these two big lies of ‘resistance’ and ‘obstruction’ and to what gain. In reality, the Syrian regime's rulers main target is not Israel, but rather their own people, and the stability and peace in all moderate regimes in the region. They invest much into the proliferation of these two deceiving concepts in order to further their own individual interests of wealth, authority and power.

They resist and obstruct all legal and peaceful efforts that aim to liberate their occupied Golan Heights which they lost to Israel in the 1967 war. Never has even one bullet ever been fired from the Golan Heights on the Israelis during the last 32 years. Instead, they harbor, arm, finance, train and facilitate Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihadistsm and several other Lebanese and Palestinian terrorist groups to spread chaos and destabilization. They do all this under the false pretext of fighting Israel with ‘resistance’ and ‘obstruction’.

Why? The Syrian Baathist regime ‘resists’ and ‘obstructs’ peace with Israel and holds on to the “no peace, no war” status with the Jewish state in order to remain in power and justify the oppressing governance of their own people under marshal law.

Syria's rulers ‘resist’ and ‘obstruct’ peace, security and stability also in neighboring Iraq. They run training camps, provide arms and corridors for Jihadi terrorists and fundamentalists who infiltrate from Syria into Iraq to kill Iraqi civilians, attack American and Iraqi solders, assassinate and kidnap locals and foreigners, destabilize security and blow up religious and public facilities.

The Syrian regime also abuses the Palestinian people, while ‘resisting’ and ‘obstructing’ the unity among their various political factions. They oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state and work jointly with the Iranian Mullahs through HAMAS to abort all global and regional endeavors aimed at erecting an independent Palestinian State in Gaza and the West Bank via an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty.

Syrian Baathist rulers occupied neighboring Lebanon for almost 30 years. They murdered, oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, kidnapped, displaced, and uprooted hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people, and assassinated tens of Lebanese politicians and intellectuals. They destroyed and impoverished the country and viciously armed numerous Lebanese and Palestinian terrorist militias and organizations; Hezbollah, Amal, Syrian Social National Party (SSNP) and many others. In full coordination and joint cooperation with Iran, they created the Hezbollah mini state and turned the 13 Palestinian refugee camps that are scattered throughout Lebanon into cantons, and a base for regional and global terrorism.

Although they were forced to withdraw their occupation army from Lebanon in 2005, they are still refusing to patrol their borders, or stop the smuggling of weapons and terrorists to Hezbollah and other Lebanese-Palestinian terrorist groups. At the same time and under the Palestinian flag, the Syrian Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat), still fully control and run three militia camps (Naeme near Beirut and Kosayia and Holwa in the Bekaa Valley).

Syria's rulers are ‘obstructing’ and ‘resisting’ the Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa Farms, due to the fact that they have continuously declined to provide the United Nations with appropriate documents that recognize the ownership of these farms as Lebanese.

Syria's rulers are ‘obstructing’ and ‘resisting’ the release of hundreds of innocent Lebanese citizens arbitrarily detained in their Nazi-like prisons for the past 25 years. Meanwhile, Syria ‘obstructs’ Human Rights' organizations from inspecting its jails and refuses to hand over the bodies of dead Lebanese detainees to their families. Syrian rulers are ‘resisting’ and ‘obstructing’ Lebanon from reclaiming its independence, sovereignty and freedom.

Based on all of the above mentioned flagrant atrocities, violations and crimes, there is no doubt that Syria along with Hezbollah, Hamas and the Iranian mullahs are all resisting and obstructing their own people from enjoying a free, peaceful, safe and dignified life. They are at the same time resisting and obstructing the progress of modernization, peace, stability and prosperity in the whole Middle East. Their ‘resistance’ and "obstruction" are targeting the peace, law and order in the whole world.

Time has come for all free world countries, especially the new US Obama administration, to start speaking with the rogue countries and organizations; Syria, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and all other jihadists and terrorists in the only language that they know and understand; the language of strength and force. All other means are futile and a waste of time, especially with the Syrian Baathist regime and Hezbollah.

*Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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