Donít let the Free Lebanese Face Alone the Axis of Evil Countries and Terrorist Organizations
By: Elias Bejjani/LCCC Chairman
December 1/2006

In my capacity as Chairman for the Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC), I call on the Free World is waging today the great and grave challenge of the fierce and hellish unrelenting battle with the terror and Jihad regimes and groups throughout the world. This terror is represented by the countries of the Axis of Evil and its appendages, the fundamentalist groups led by the Hezbollah group.

The Free World today must take a courageous stand with all its means and abilities to confront with power and persistence the plans of those who are trying by force and scare tactics to seize control of government in Lebanon. Otherwise, it ought to remain as an observer bearing responsibility for the detrimental consequences and outcomes of such a stance. If terrorism is allowed to succeed in taking control of the government in Lebanon and subjugating its people, it will not spare any country or society among the civilized, democratic and free countries.

We call on the Canadian government, which has shown in words and in deeds its standing up to terrorism and to its instruments and designs, to take a firm and tough position in the face of the violent assault against the free people of Lebanon and the democratic system of their country. It also calls on all countries of the Free World, specifically the United States, to move immediately and support the Lebanese people and their legitimate government before it is too late.

We urges the members of our Canadian Lebanese Community to support legitimacy, the law, and the official institutions in their homeland Lebanon, and to publicly reject all ongoing terrorist attempts to mobilize the streets with the goal of creating a reality that does not serve the national interest, and imposing a radical fundamentalist regime and ignoble alliances with the countries of the Axis of Evil, dealing a blow to Lebanese coexistence, and undermining its free system.

We also urge our people in Lebanon in all their denominations, specifically the Christians among them, to reject calls to take to the streets for sit-ins with suspect objectives and designs, to denounce and isolate all groups, politicians and parties acting in this way to serve their own personal interests and their lust for power, thus exposing shamelessly the country and the citizens to grave and destructive dangers.

Changing the government in Lebanon is a legitimate and constitutional democratic issue, but not by force, threats and striking at the institutions of the State and casting the free and the pro-sovereignty activists among our people as traitors. It is by the same token certainly illogical to change the government by way of
Hezbollah which has erected a State within the State, which possesses power that is greater than that of the State in money, weapons and institutions, and which
has organic and ideological ties to each of Syria and Iran.

Elias Bejjani
Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator
Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
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