No to Hezbollah’s Terrorism against Lebanon's Cedars' Revolution leaders
By: Elias Bejjani
LCCC Chairman

January 2/07

The Lebanese Canadian Coordination Council (LCCC) strongly denounces all vicious attempts of terrorism that are carried on continuously since 1982 by Hezbollah's leadership, armed militia and its media facilities against the Lebanese State,  its institutions, constitution, identity, democracy, freedoms, culture, civilization and against the peace and coexistence of its multi cultural, multi ethnic communities..

The LCCC also condemns Hezbollah's sectarian recent attacks that have been targeting Lebanon's free and patriotic Cedars' Revolution leaders and MPs, as well as numerous thinkers, and journalists, and few days ago against the living martyr MP and minister, Mr. Marwan Hamadeh. The failed first attempt against Hamadeh's life was apparently not enough to quench the thirst of Hezbollah which is trying now to legitimize another attempt at his assassination by false and fabricated accusations that are far beneath his ethics and patriotism.

The LCCC again warns against the many successive coup attempts systematically executed by Hezbollah, culturally, militarily and financially, against anything that is authentically Lebanese, civilized and constitutional. These venomous attempts will remain foreign to the very fabric of Lebanese society that is a distinct mosaic of diverse ethnic and cultural components, and will continue to be remote from the foundations of the Land of the Cedars and its peoples' mode of shared living.

Like Hezbollah’s devastating war of last July which was a sectarian one that Iran and Syria planned, sponsored and directed  to serve their own interests, and like all Hezbollah's false claims to resistance since 1982 which were no more than deceitful pretenses imported from Damascus and Tehran and never represented the will of the Lebanese, its latest attack against MP and minister Marwan Hamadeh by legitimizing him as a valid target for assassination is a terrorist act that should be decried by all the Lebanese and which is doomed to fail.

The LCCC declares its full solidarity with the dean of Lebanon’s living martyrs, Mr. Marwan Hamadeh, who was the first in the line of the assassination attempts vicious cycle on September 2004, and we alert the leaders of the Cedars Revolution, MPs, Ministers, parties and government alike, that they bear full responsibility for the state of deterioration, chaos and futile wars in the country, because of their hesitation from day one of the eviction of the Syrian occupier to take decisive actions, call things by their names, and make deterrent legal and patriotic decisions. They perpetuated Hezbollah’s deceitful halo, they allied themselves with Hezbollah in the lat parliamentary election and agreed to hold it under the Syrian occupation era tailored law, and they also brought that organization into the government and legitimized its false resistance pretenses and the "Shebaa Farms" lie in the government’s ministerial statement.

We strongly believe that the opportunity is still available and the Free World continues to stand by a free, independent and sovereign Lebanon, and the Cedars Revolution leaders must confront Hezbollah, expose its cards, and deal with it according to the constitution, the laws, and UN resolutions.

Hezbollah’s aims, in seeking a cover from opportunistic groups and leaderships like the hysterical MP, Michel Aoun who is up to his eyeballs in daydreaming and the madness of his illusions, are to cause a counter-revolution against the Cedars Revolution with the aim of returning Lebanon and the Lebanese back to the pre-independence uprising by hindering the rise of a strong state, maintain Hezbollah’s own mini-state and weapons, ensure the failure of the International tribunal, and void all UN resolutions supporting Lebanon's freedom, independence and sovereignty of their substance and authority.

Lebanon today is at a crossroads: Either hope, resurrection and a return to the Lebanon we and the world know, or its substitution for a sectarian state similar to the one ruling today in Iran.

On the occasion of the New Year and the Holidays, we offer our warmest wishes and most blessed greetings to all the Lebanese communities, both in Lebanon and Diaspora hoping for a deeper and stronger unity, and for closing their ranks in the New Year to confront and thwart the suspicious conspiracies and schemes.
We also wish to finally see justice and fairness to the Lebanese Diaspora emigrant communities worldwide by recognizing and exercising, in words and in deeds, the full rights inherent to Lebanese citizenship for every individual Lebanese emigrant, exiled and displaced in the far corners of the world.

Hamadeh to Sue Hizbullah on Charges of 'Inciting' his Assassination
Naharnet: Beirut, 28 Dec 06, 14:54 Communications Minister Marwan Hamadeh, a key figure in the anti-Syrian majority coalition, has vowed to sue Hizbullah and its television mouthpiece, Al-Manar, on charges of "inciting" his assassination. Hamadeh, who was seriously wounded in a booby-trapped car explosion on Oct. 1, 2004, said Wednesday evening that Hizbullah also "covered up" the attempt on his life. He said Al-Manar's news broadcast on Wednesday evening targeted him with "allegations and false charges that had been repeatedly spread by Syrian intelligence for months." Based on that, Hamadeh announced, "I will sue Hizbullah on charges of inciting my assassination and attempting to terrorize me politically and psychologically." He also said Hizbullah had "covered up those who tried to assassinate me in October 2004. The car which targeted me was booby trapped in an area controlled by Hizbullah and its license plate was forged at a workshop in the same area."
Al-Manar's report claimed Hamadeh had "revealed" to U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman the hideout of Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the 34-day war between the Shiite group and Israel last summer. The war started on July 12 after Hizbullah operatives kidnapped two Israeli soldiers from north Israel. The Jewish state threatened to retaliate by assassinating Nasrallah. Hamadeh said he would respond to Al-Manar's allegations through "the judiciary … I will deliver a recorded video copy of Al-Manar's report to the international investigation committee" which is probing the 2005 assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri and related crimes.Hamadeh's statement was seen as a challenge to Hizbullah's reported rejection of the Special International Tribunal for Lebanon to try suspects in the Hariri murder.
Hamadeh, Defense Minister Elias Murr and TV anchorwoman May Chidiak suffered serious wounds in separate attempts on their lives by booby-trapped car blasts that are believed to be related to the Hariri assassination.Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, MP-Journalist Gebran Tueni, former Lebanese Communist Party Leader George Hawi and journalist Samir Qassir have been killed in separate attacks that are believed to be linked to the wave of assassinations targeting anti-Syrian figures. Hizbullah, which has been leading an open-ended protest to topple Premier Fouad Saniora's majority government since Dec.1, reportedly wants the international tribunal's bylaws amended to limit its powers to the Hariri assassination, without having the authority to look into the other crimes.

*Elias Bejjani
Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.

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