Lebanese Blame Hezbollah
By Elias Bejjani

July 27, 2006

Since his courageous stand against Hezbollah’s terrorism and his strong support for a free and sovereign Lebanon, and for Israel’s right to defend itself, our Canadian PM Harper has been the target of attacks originating from several pan-Arab nationalists and extremist organizations claiming to be defending the causes of Lebanon, while in reality pushing for their fanatic political agendas. Many of these Arab and religious organizations are endeavoring to hijack the tragedy of Lebanon for their own political aims and objectives.

The Lebanese Canadian community can speak for itself and strongly refuses to allow a few groups with well known backgrounds who have never ever denounced one terrorist act or terrorist organization to destroy the image of the Lebanese Canadian community by portraying it as unappreciative and ungrateful of Mr. Harper's superb and effective plan to evacuate the Canadian Lebanese from Lebanon at this time of crisis.

The majority of the Lebanese Canadians as well as a majority of the native Lebanese support a free, sovereign, and independent Lebanon, free from all Syrian and Iranian terrorist proxies and influences. Our courageous people back home in Lebanon showed this fact when 1.5 million (almost half the 3.5 million population) peacefully took to the streets at the “Cedars Revolution” last year to force the Syrian occupation Army to withdraw in defeat and humiliation. Hezbollah and its allies not only failed to participate at that historic demonstration, but in fact held their own counter demonstration supporting the Syrian occupation and to which they bussed foreigners from Syria to increase their pitiful numbers. No one doubts what the people of Lebanon wanted last year, and no one doubts what they want today: The end of the Syrian occupation which happened in April 2005, and today they want an end of Hezbollah's domestic occupation and hijacking of the Lebanese national will.

PM Harper is very popular in the Lebanese Canadian community. He has been a true friend of Lebanon throughout the long dark years of the Syrian occupation. His stands on international security, the threat of Hezbollah and terrorism is visionary and courageous. Mr. Harper has witnessed to the truth.

Mr. Harper is a man with clear and transparent stances on all Canadian and worldwide issues, especially in regards to the international war against the axis of evil countries and their proxy militias and terrorist groups.

We, the Lebanese people, lay full responsibility for the loss of life and property solely on Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. We have never accepted their State within the State and the terror tactics they use on the Lebanese people, and we never gave them the authority or the mandate to wage wars on others in our name.

Those groups and activists are apparently engaged in a vicious mission to blemish the image of our peace loving, tolerant, and open-minded Lebanese Canadian community by tagging its members as supporters of Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. We therefore challenge them to unambiguously and clearly state their position vis-a-vis terrorism and terrorists like Bin Laden, Zarkawi, Sadam Hussein, the Syrian Baathist regime, the Iranian regime, Hezbollah, etc. Their past record indicates that they have supported, cajoled, defended and appeased many of the above and still do.

Mr. Harper, we thank your Government’s empathy and support for the people of Lebanon, and we want you to know that they are greatly appreciated and highly valued by the majority of the Lebanese Canadian Community.