General Aoun in his new Iranian, Syrian, and Godly Attire
By: Elias Bejjani/LCCC Chairman
January 13/08

I am duty-bound to congratulate Lebanon's MP, General Michel Aoun on his tremendous successes and accomplishments in the area of domesticating and Lebanising the Syrian Baathist policies, especially after his official appointment recently by Syrian Foreign minister Walid Moallem as  representative for the Axis of Evil (Syria and Iran), its spokesman, and negotiator on behalf of its groupings in Lebanon. How blessed are we the Lebanese people in both Lebanon and Diaspora that the Syrian/Iranian oppressing conditions for allowing us to elect the president are now in the general’s pocket. (Aoun stated that these conditions are in his pocket). How fortunate we are that Syria has recognized "Rabieh", (Aoun's Residential city) instead of the Baabda palace (Lebanese official Presidential Palace). So what else do we want beyond this great victory that General Aoun spearheaded?
Those Lebanese citizens who unfortunately still blindly support the platform of this derailed and narcissist politician ought to carefully consider where his sickening delusions are dragging the country!! Must we also praise the fundamental change in the general Aoun's military and political precepts which have been transformed magically from academic, scientific, and factual, to Godly and Illusions? Must we at the same time praise the “herd-like” loyalty for those sovereign and free Lebanese who still support the general despite all the “Godly” reversals and changes that inflicted his policies, his speeches, practices, slogans, and approach in the nationalist, religious, and value domains?.

Congratulation to the allegedly stubborn Lebanese people that still blindly support this “errant” leader in his new attire, the self claimed political Christian Maronite patriarch that betrayed all the history, culture, civilization, and values of the Maronites. This newly crowned fundamentalist Christian extremist. This preacher of wooden slogans. The Godly general, and the self claimed Lebanese Napoleon!!

It astonishes me how this newly transformed general has deserted all that he learned in the military academies and now boasts of Hezbollah's godly victory in the July 2006 war, thus overturning all military principles and measures.
Follows is a verbatim declaration by the general on 12/31/2007 from the “Natinal News Agency”:
General Michel Aoun speaking to a delegation from the city of Byblos: “We still live the conditions of the July/06 war. For the first time, Israel was defeated in a small country called Lebanon in front of a small fighting force as measured to the its size. And the Lebanese people by its solidarity and the proper execution of the resistance has broken Israel’s power which scared the whole world. We must be punished for this great sin which we have committed. Haven’t you felt that when Abrams and David Welch (Two high rang US officials visited Lebanon last month) came to Lebanon, their visit resembled the days of the war? They were visiting a portion of the Lebanese supporters of the war. The Lebanese people were resisting politically and morally while the military front was resisting in the south. We succeeded in maintain the unity of the country and did not let it splinter under the pressure of the air force (Israeli air raids in July/06 Israeli-Hezbollah war). The party that fought was the opposition (Hezbollah and the Syrian-Iranian mercenaries in Lebanon). While the other side has supported the aggression. Today the issue of moving the war from the southern border to the interior continues. They attempted to revive it when we started the strikes and sit-ins. They started roaming troubles, internal which we were able to contain. Today, if they fail to elect a president, it means the continuation of this war because they will not accept any president. I do not want to name which nations that are trying to reverse this wonderful picture of Lebanon after the year 2006. The Lebanese people triumphed. This small people that they wished to muddy and claim it has no coexistence and wish to strike at its union. They want us to confront each others in an escalating path so that we lose the immunity that we gained from openness and understanding”.

Since it is so hard for any leader or politician regardless of his status to continue to mock the intelligence and memory of the Lebanese, we shall let General Aoun himself explain this great contradiction in his stands regarding  his newly acquired beliefs in Hezbollah’s “resistance” and its godly victories, he who officially and publicly declared that the resistance of this party occurs in collusion with Israel and at the expense of our people in the South. General Aoun declared in the year 2000 after Israel’s withdrawal from South Lebanon that, “Hezbollah did not liberate the south, rather it has delayed its liberation 14 years". He also said: "If actually Hezbollah has liberated the south, it has liberated it from its own people and sent them into exile in all nations of the world, and specially to Israel."

The general’s self-reply was published in the “Lebanese Communiqué” (Al Nachra Al Lubnania) on Friday 8/15/1997 under the title “The April Understanding, a security agreement and co-agreed resistance ”. We leave the judgment on the honesty of the general's newly adopted pro Syrian-Iranian evil stances to the Lebanese citizen themselves and definitely to their intelligence and knowledge.
We leave it to the reader to judge the content of the below article, that  the general himself wrote meticulously and with deep thought and scientific and logical analysis, a year after the singing of the “April Understanding“ between Hezbollah and Israel with Arab, Iranian, and International mediation and sponsorship.
Click here to read the "April Understanding" in both Arabic and English
The April Understanding and Resistance With Compliance
By: General Michel Aoun

(Translated from Arabic by: Elias Bejjani)
August 15/1997

( Resisting occupation is a legitimate right and a patriotic obligation for each and every citizen struggling to free both his occupied land and his confiscated freedom from the occupiers. Resistance based on these two golden principles is fully legitimate; but with the same token it loses this legitimacy if allowed to deviate from its aims and objectives. Resistance in its essence is the struggle of the weak against the strong, and the striving of man against machine. Resistance requires a great deal of sacrifices to pave the way for acceptable and balanced negotiations between any parties in conflict.
After the Israeli "Grapes of Wrath" campaign against Lebanon in April 1996, the United States, France, Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Iran, with the compliance of Hezbollah, reached a ceasefire agreement known as the "April Understanding." This agreement speaks about the safety of the Lebanese residents but does not provide any guarantees for those residents. This agreement has made the Lebanese soil an arena for military operations, thus endangering the lives of all Lebanese residents, whether in their homes or on the roads.
Lebanese men, women and children in South Lebanon leave their homes every morning heading to their fields, work places and schools. Many of them never succeed to make it back. These innocent victims are killed on the roads, their deaths a result of roadside bombs, explosions, rockets, and bullets. Arguments focusing on the "national identity" of these South Lebanese residents and whether they are nationalists, collaborators or resistant elements, is in fact a futile argument. It only escalates the levels of anxiety and confusion, and increases the emptiness in both domiciles and minds.
We do not care which countries or powers have participated in reaching the April Understanding. Why? Because it remains the sole concern of both the Lebanese and the Israelis. Accordingly, one urgent question jumps to our minds: Why has the resistance negotiated with the enemy and accepted his conditions rendering its resistance.... resistance with compliance, giving the occupier comprehensive peace and security on his soil, while turning its own into a killing field?
Northern Israel is progressing, growing and blooming, while South Lebanon is losing its original residents and becoming poorer and poorer! Who does the conspiracy target? Who are its heroes? And for whose interests does the war continue and flare?)
It is worth mentioning that the drastic changes in the General's platforms are merely motivated by his sickening and delusional lust with the presidency post. He dreams day and night to be Lebanon's president at any cost and by any means, even by selling himself to the Axis of evil scheme against his own country and people. The man  has betrayed all his 18 years patriotic stances,  backed on his own promises and licked his own words. What a waste, and What a shame. What good could be expected from this man who boldly declared few days ago that he is close to the Syrian Baathist regime than he is to the USA!!!.

**Elias Bejjani
Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)

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