Freedom has a Price and does not come for free
By: Lawson Kass Hanna

to all Lebanese patriots,
Iran is proposing to the western (G7) countries and to Israel a deal in which Iran is willing to do anything for these countries if they accept Iran to be the military force of the middle east.

As an example, Iran is offering to Israel in this deal the Golan heights, "Jabal Al-cheik" and the water of Litany river, any parts of south Lebanon in addition to creating permanent Palestinian settlements in Lebanon and Syria.

In return, the Iranian would like Hezbollah to be in power in Lebanon and Hezbollah's army to replace the Lebanese army.

Based on my readings, I'm confident that the western countries who believe in freedom and democracy will not accept this deal.

In any case, let's assume that the countries who believe in freedom and democracy accepted this deal even if I'm quite sure it will not happen.
The plan of the axis of evil in Lebanon is the following if this deal goes through:

they will not accept Mr. Michel Aoun to become president in Lebanon because of all the reports they get from psychologists about his personality. they know that he is a demagogue and can not be trusted. at the same time the axis of evil is controlling most of the members of parliament belonging to Aoun's political party either by the mean of money or by promising a certain political power.

they will get to power a president who will persecute, kill and detain in prison the patriotic leaders in Lebanon.

their presidential candidate is Mr. Suleiman Franjieh, but according to my readings, President Bashar Assad will not do with Mr. Suleiman Franjieh the same mistake when he appointed him the minister of interior before the Assassination of Prime minister Rafik Hariri.