Diaspora and Conspiracies
By: Elias Bejjani

The Lebanese-Syrian appointed regime started its vicious quest to divide and tame the Lebanese Diaspora in 1990 though the “Ministry for Immigrants” that was founded for exactly this purpose. That year on October 13, the Syrian invading troops conquered the free regions of Lebanon, ousted its legitimate government, massacred hundreds of civilians and military in cold blood and appointed a puppet collaborating regime.

The Ministry for Immigrants since then has been working on implementing its plans directly and through collaborators all over the world. Its main mandate was and is still to neutralize the Lebanese Diaspora through mercenary journalists, dignitaries, religious figures and tactics of intimidation and bribing. It founded numerous fake associations, clubs and organizations to carry out the job.
The last attempt in this context was a conference held in Beirut under the Ministry of immigrant’s umbrella in last May. The majority of the Diaspora groups and individuals boycotted it. The conference fell short from addressing any of the Diaspora’s concerns especially the citizenship issue and the Syrian occupation to Lebanon.

One of the many secret recommendations of the conference was to revive the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) under the auspices of the Ministry of Immigrants and the mercenary collaborating Diaspora dignitaries. Their scheme is to use this Diaspora organization as worldwide means to promote for subservience to the Syrian occupation and the acceptance of the current imposed status in Lebanon. They want to revive the WLCU on the same criteria they used to contain, divide, and neutralize and tam the majority of the political Lebanese parties in occupied Lebanon.

In this realm it is worth mentioning that 99% of the Political Lebanese parties in occupied Lebanon are currently united by force in a collation-like under the Syrian umbrella. They have been drastically weakened, divided and made just puppets under the mere hegemony of the Syrian occupier. They are a vehicle used to promote fear, subservience, surrender and corruption among the Lebanese people. The patriotic Lebanese who believe in the 10452 klm square concept and in the sovereign, independent free Lebanon and its distinguished identity are extremely disgusted to even mention the betrayal stances adopted by the leadership of the most rightist Lebanese parties. They have changed their skin, abandoned the history and objectives of their parties and alienated themselves and the parties from the people of Lebanon.

The Lebanese-Syrian installed regime’s scheme is to create a tamed WLCU with a collaborating leadership similar to that installed by Syria to run the Lebanese parties in occupied Lebanon. Is this what the Diaspora want and yearns for? Definitely not.
The Diaspora wants a patriotic WLCU with a patriotic leadership who is willing to carry the Lebanese torch and promote for the Liberation of occupied Lebanon. Accordingly all the regime’s vicious treacherous attempts aiming to infiltrate the Diaspora and tame its communities will fail and all its mercenaries’ sneaky efforts in this context will end in vain. The Diaspora is well immunized against the anti-Lebanese schemes, and is well aware of the regime’s actual devious intentions.

Any group or individual who really intends to fight for the Liberation of occupied Lebanon would not under any given circumstances join a WLCU that is under the hegemony of the Beirut installed puppet regime. This regime has prepared a new naturalization law that denies all the rights of the Lebanese in Diaspora. It gave them a camouflaged title “Immigrant Status”, through which they are denied all their rights in the Lebanese citizenship. This devious law requires any Lebanese living in Diaspora to reside one full year in Lebanon with every member of his family to be eligible after that to submit an application to reclaim his citizenship. At the same time around half million foreigners mainly Syrians were illegally granted the Lebanese citizenship by the stroke of a pen in 1994. The new law will practically alienate the Diaspora forever and deprive them all from their citizenship and the citizenship of their fathers and grandfathers while it gives no restrictions to hundreds of thousands who do not qualify for it.

The last conference of May 1999, held in Beirut (under the auspices of the “Ministry of Immigrants”) did not address the citizenship issue or any of the other Diaspora many concerns. Shamefully among the participants was a prominent clergyman who took the initiative of participation without any consultation with his church superiors or his parishioners. People like this clergyman are eroding the Lebanese nation from inside. Neither this clergyman nor any of the other Diaspora individuals and groups have up till now commented on the new naturalization law which means they are all agreeable with its contents.

The current WCLU is a dead body, thanks to the Lebanese regime and to the Diaspora mercenaries who divided and prostituted it. Definitely the Diaspora is longing for a patriotic WLCU with a patriotic, honest, courageous leadership. A leadership that is completely different from the one that abused and manipulated the Diaspora uphill now and betrayed its hopes and aspirations. The Diaspora needs:

A WLCU that believe in the 6000 years Lebanese civilization and its deeply rooted history,
A WLCU that worship the 10452 klm square Lebanese concept,
A WLCL that have a solid faith in the Lebanese distinguished identity,
A WLCU that is courageous enough to carry the Lebanese torch and fight relentlessly for its just cause and liberation,
A WLC that preach and practices freedom, democracy, tolerance, multiculturalism and patriotism,
A WLCU that is ready to witness to the truth and call the occupier an occupier and the ally an ally,
A WLCU that would not compromise under any given circumstances on Lebanon’s independence, sovereignty and identity, A WLCU that unites and not divides,
A WLCU that is Lebanese in heart, spirit, mind and conduct.
This is the kind of WLCU the Diaspora wants and till it’s available all the mercenaries’ schemes will be in vain.
Long Live Free Lebanon