Diaspora’s duty to South Lebanon
By: Elias Bejjani

The Lebanese, in Diaspora who have been following closely the latest unfolding events in occupied Lebanon are definitely feeling angry and disgusted. These feelings came as a result of the mocking attitudes adopted by Beirut’s regime officials in relation to key various national issues. The Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon, the University student’s uprising, (Intifada), the Syrian occupation and the judiciary atrocities, among many others.

The most bizarre are the accusations of treason thrown haphazardly against decent citizens including students and leaders. These fabricated accusations are targeting those who have the courage to call openly and loudly for the implementation of the UN resolution 520. This resolution demands the withdrawal of all foreign occupation troops and preserves the right of Lebanon to be independent and sovereign within its recognized international borders. After the Israeli withdrawal the Syrians are the only occupying power left in Lebanon.

One wonders if these Lebanese-Syrian-made officials, politicians and clergymen, who are haphazardly accusing the majority of the people of Lebanon with treason, are still affiliated to the country in heart and soul, and if in fact they should be allowed to keep the Lebanese citizenship that they presumably hold? According to them any Lebanese who calls for withdrawal of the Syrian occupying army is a criminal, siding with Israel and conspiring against national unity and stability. These mercenaries, no matter what their social, religious or official status might be, are advocating for a foreign occupation power, infringing on the country’s constitution and breaking every known ethical code.

They are trying to portray their own Lebanese people as immature, weak and unable to govern themselves or manage their own affairs. They are lobbying for the Syrian occupation troops to remain in Lebanon after Israel implemented the 425 UN resolution and withdraw from South Lebanon. They are puppets speaking for their masters the Syrians and parroting their schemes against Lebanon and its people.

The Syrian regime must be forced by the UN and free world countries to leave Lebanon and implement the UN resolution 520. What was applied to the Israelis and forced them to withdraw in accordance with the UN resolution 425, should be applied on the Syrians to abide by the UN resolution 520 and leave Lebanon. Once free from the hegemony of foreign occupation powers and their installed mercenary officials, the Lebanese people will be more than capable of taking care of their own affairs, electing their own government freely, and rebuilding the state of law and institutions.

What are Syria’s justifications to stay in Lebanon after the Israeli withdrawal? If the alleged reason is to defend the country against any future Israeli aggression, this would be a big lie. Syria has occupied Lebanon with Israel’s and Washington’s blessings and since then the three parties have honored their undeclared agreement. Israel has never attacked Syria or its army in Lebanon, and Syria has never confronted any of Israel’s countless military assaults against Lebanon. Syria and Israel have been allies and not enemies as the Syrian regime media endeavors to camouflage. This is a fact that every Lebanese is aware of and it was unveiled by many Egyptian, Jordanian and Israeli high rank politicians.

In 1990, the Syrian army invaded Lebanon, ousted its legitimate government and installed a Lebanese puppet regime with the full approval of Israel. Since then, and even years before that, Israel has been regularly attacking Lebanon including villages adjacent to the Syrian border, while Syria is watching, and only watching.

Syria’s only military help to Lebanon has always come through rhetoric stances and empty meaningless press releases. Recently Israel has savagely attacked Lebanon’s infrastructure twice while Syria’s army as always was watching. Syria in Lebanon is not to defend it’s people against Israel, but to steal their resources, destroy their independence, force them to immigrate and ultimately annex the whole country when its scheme becomes acceptable regionally and internationally.

Apparently Israel and Washington have changed the game rules in the Middle East and it seems that their previous agreement with Syria has been cancelled and maid null. This reality is not yet accepted or assimilated by the Syrian regime that is acting frantically with no insight or sound judgement.

The majority of our people are questioning why the Beirut regime officials have abandoned South Lebanon and still declining to deploy the Army in the regions vacated by Israel. They are procrastinating, abandoning their national obligations and refusing to assume their responsibilities. These officials are like parrots echoing their Syrian masters’ lies and mockeries. As instructed by their masters the Syrians, Lebanon’s Beirut officials are creating unjustifiable numerous obstacles aiming to abort the UN efforts and its plans to potentate the UNIFIL’s troops’ role in South Lebanon and increase their number to eight thousand. These stances serve Syria’s schemes and echo its dictator’s plan to maintain his iron fist and savage hegemony over Lebanon and its peaceful people indefinitely.

Because of the Beirut’s regime treacherous stances thousands of Southern Lebanese citizens were either arrested or have surrendered in an extremely humiliating process to the authorities and guerrilla organizations. Meanwhile more then eight thousand citizens mainly Christians were forced to leave with the Israelis. They had no choice but to leave because of the serious threats targeted them from both the regime and the guerrillas.

Since 1990, the Beirut regime has dealt with the Southern residents living under the Israeli occupation as strangers. It has issued twenty thousand arrest warrants against them for false and fabricated collaboration and treason charges. The South Lebanon citizens and despite all the hardships they encountered during the last 22 years remained in their beloved land and defend it against all foreigners and terrorists. They have courageously tolerated all difficulties of occupation, protected their land, worshiped their Lebanese affiliation and identity maintained their hopes and never abandoned their national obligations.

They are the only Lebanese community that in fact requires the rest of Lebanon to hail and bow for its sacrifices, not to put its members on trial for treason, or force them into exile.

If anybody should be put on trial for reason, it would be the Syrian regime, the Arab leaders, Beirut’s regime officials, and many Lebanese politicians and clergymen. All of them are in fact responsible for the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon and also for the Syrian occupation for the rest of the country.

The Lebanese Diaspora has an obligation to lobby for the rights and safety of their brothers and sisters in South Lebanon, let us all commit ourselves to this holy duty and see that they are not persecuted and humiliated because of their patriotism.
Long Live Free Lebanon