Boycott the election charade
By: Elias Bejjani

It is a crime of forgery to give an “election tag” to the Syrian parliamentary appointments that have been inflicted on occupied Lebanon since 1990. The Syrian dictatorship imperialistic practices in Lebanon are a frank infringement on Lebanon’s constitution and on the International Human Rights Declaration. Syria is exposing the people of Lebanon to humiliation, degradation, slavery and oppression.

Syria brutally confiscates people’s rights and imposes on them, officials, including presidents, Ministers and MP’s who do not represent their hopes, aspirations or beliefs. Syria appointed in 1992 and in 1996 all Lebanon’s MP’s though a forged election charade and is going to repeat the same atrocity this year. All the appointed MP’s with not one exception have proved to be collaborators and conscienceless politicians. People in Lebanon know the names of the majority of the politicians who will be made MPs in the upcoming theatrical forged parliamentary election.

Lebanon’s Syrian appointed President General Lahoud bragged with numerous promises related to an equal, fair, and democratic electoral law. All of them vanished into the air like the rest of his many other promises. Syria forced the so-called electoral law on the Beirut regime in a very humiliating manner. The three Lebanese appointed Presidents, Lahoud, Berri and Hoss had to swallow their pride with all their rhetoric stances in which they have promised the people a fair electoral law. The 128 MPs approved the new mockery as ordered by their Syrian masters. Meanwhile the majority of the Lebanese whom they are supposed to represent rejected it.

The MP’s stance was not a surprise to anybody, because from day one, the parliament has been merely a rubber stamp controlled and manipulated by Syria. Lebanon’s legitimate PM in exile General Michel Aoun, said: “the coming Parliament will be a Syrian body in Lebanon, a rubber stamp to give Syrian atrocities a forged legitimacy as the situation has been since 1990”. Other patriotic politicians said it is much better if Syria would appoint the 128 MPs and spare the people of Lebanon the faked preset election play.

Boycotting the coming faked election process in both voting and nomination is the least that any patriotic Lebanese can do to show his/her rejection of the occupation forces, puppet regime and their criminal practices. Lebanese who are proud of their dignity and patriotic affiliation should not give any legitimacy for MPs or officials appointed by Syria…Boycotting this charade is more than a national obligation, it is a holy duty.

Meanwhile subservient politicians, clergymen and dignitaries are trying to cheat the people and fabricate vague justifications for their active role in this coming faked election process. Some politicians, who for years have pretended to be pro-Lebanon and anti Syria, allege it is more productive to be an MP in a bid to help make the changes needed from within the system.

These opportunists ignore the fact that the only MP (Pierre Dekash) who entered the Parliament under this camouflaging tag failed to fulfil any of his promises and became another subservient. The only time Dekash called for Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon he was humiliated and reprimanded by Mr. Berri, the pro-Syrian House Speaker. Dekash’s speech was not recorded in the parliament’s official minutes. The appointed MP, Mr. Najah Wakiem faced the same scenario when he tried to supercede the Syrian boundaries imposed on all subservient politicians in Lebanon.

We call on all the patriotic Lebanese to boycott the coming parliamentary play and lobby for this stance. The people of Lebanon have an obligation to protect democracy in the country and force the Syrian troops to withdraw without any conditions. Lebanon has survived for 6000 years and has defeated thousands of invaders and occupiers. The fate of the Syrian occupier is not going to be different in any way…Syria will leave Lebanon sooner or later with humiliation and disgrace and Lebanon will be victorious.

Long Live Free Lebanon