For The Cedar Tree
By: Eliane Bejjani

Alone I sit
No one in hand,
Thinking of a dream
That I once have had,

It was when I was a young girl
In a far away and beautiful land,
It was there that I had learned,

The heritage and culture that is within my heart.
Forever touched for the cedar tree
That sits alone among the rubbled buildings,
Of what was once called home.

Strangers have come in
Guns and bombs in hand
Thinking that this land is for the taking.

Even though they might have succeeded in destroying it,
They will never succeed in taking
It away from it’s people.

They can not make us forget of the possibilities
and beauty this land once had.
For the innocent children
For whom played and died on the streets,
For the women that were violated
And killed by evil,

And for our sons, brothers and husbands
Who fought day in and day out,
“Paris of the middle east”
will forever and always belong
to its people,
and they are the Lebanese,