Yes, The March 14th of the FPM is the Authentic Number One
By: Elias Bejjani
December 25/2005

Witnessing for the truth vocally and explicitly has become not only a priority for our patriotic Lebanese people, but a holy, ethical and moral duty. Lebanese nationals either in the homeland or among the communities of the Lebanese Diaspora, with conscience, self respect, honesty and dignity have reached a point of no return. They can no longer keep a blind eye and turn their heads away ignoring the vicious and evil media attacks targeting the Free Patriotic Movement Leadership, members and supporters after the Liberation of Lebanon.

This vicious premeditated scheme of defamation and twisting of facts is waged by a bunch of losers, a cluster of politicians and fake leaders who can no longer camouflage their decaying reality and deceive the Lebanese people. Their ongoing lies and deceitful treacherous conduct have been exposed. Our people have declined to vote for these chameleons in the last
Lebanese parliamentary elections. They voted instead for representatives whom they relate to and entrust to be their genuine and loud voice in Parliament. Our people have exposed the chameleons' evil, unveiled their hidden agendas and cast them out.

Lebanon was liberated and the young men and women of the Cedars Revolution were victorious in forcing the Syrian Baathist occupier to withdraw its troops because of their unrelentingly civilized, peaceful and laborious struggle of the past fifteen years that was spearheaded by the students, members, leadership and Diaspora lobbyist of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM).

If the task of liberation had been entrusted with those coward mercenaries, sick braggers and shameless Trojan politicians, those who are now attacking the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) and its General, Lebanon would have remained chained by the Syrian Baathist shackles and lingering under their yoke of enslavement and occupation.

The "Cedars Revolution" did not come out of the blue on the 14th of March 2005 in the aftermath of the assassination of Lebanon's late Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri. To the contrary, its seeds were sowed, watered and guarded for fourteen successive years and as many March 14ths in honorable stations of struggle and confrontation, not appeasement, with the occupation. The FPM has been annually celebrating the 14th of March station as part of its ongoing peaceful fight for freedom, sovereignty and independence since 1990.
During the past fourteen years of ongoing struggle, more that sixteen thousand young FPM members and supporters were arrested, tortured, harassed, persecuted and tagged as traitors, while its leadership were either in jail or in exile charged
with treason.

Meanwhile, all those hand-kissers and apostates, the spineless and hopeless made-in-Syria leaders and politicians, those who are now bragging, boasting and trying to defame the FPM leadership and underestimate its hard work and sacrifices were subservient and slaves serving the Syrian occupier's "Faramans", orders, wishes and wicked interests. These chameleons
and hypocrites have sold the temple with thirty silvers, betrayed the master, and made a bet on his garment. They have renounced the tree and they cannot therefore have any merit to the fruits it bears today. They should be ashamed of themselves and spare us their fake and rhetorical patriotism.

Our good people are well aware of the evil conduct of these leaders and politicians who are selfish and corrupt opportunists, who focus only on the harvesting season. Like vultures, they move from one field to another, devouring voraciously the farmer's seeds, only to return as wild predators on harvest day claiming to own the crops. While they are now trying to rule the country and control its government, in fact they had no input whatsoever in any struggle for reclaiming the country's confiscated independence.

We do not need their services, nor do we trust their intentions or see them as role models. We need great leaders and honest shepherds, those who are endowed with the leadership traits of devotion, faith, hope, transparency, and unshakable belief in Lebanon's identity, its cause, its existence as a distinct entity, its destiny, the worth of its martyrs' sacrifices and the vows of loyalty made by generations before us.

We call on our shepherds, leaders and elders who earned their glory and authority and to whom we answer, to continue in their peaceful struggle to fully and completely reclaim Lebanon's independence, sovereignty and freedom. We call on them to unveil the betrayal and opportunistic conduct of any politician who endeavors to hinder or obstruct their patriotic efforts.

We hail the Lebanese freedom fighters in Lebanon and the Diaspora spearheaded by the FPM members, followers and leadership who during the passed fifteen years have courageously raised high the torch of March 14th, of human rights and the faithful strive for freedom, independence and sovereignty. Because of their devotion and sacrifices, liberation became a reality.
Therefore and according to the logic of justice and the code of knowledge, he who sows will harvest, and he who endures with patience will get what he longs for. Almighty God rewards the righteous with his blessings and graces. He who works hard and sweats in plowing his field, keeps his mind and soul pure and awaits the harvest day with hope, God guards his crops
and grants him and his family happiness.

For our good people we say: "Avoid falling prey to the camouflaged tactics of cajoling, appeasing, compromising and making empty promises that have been advocated for by a bunch of rotten politicians and well known commercialized media facilities. Do not fall in their traps. Do not allow them to doubt for a moment your trust in General Aoun's leadership and honesty.

Let us all take note that these politicians and leaders are human vultures running after personal gains, power and positions, no more no less, and their tarnished past and conduct unveils their actual intentions and aims.

I wish everyone of you, in Lebanon and in the Diaspora, a holy and glorious Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. Our great happiness as patriotic Lebanese will reach its prime when, and only when, our beloved Lebanon, home and land of our great fathers and ancestors reclaims fully its sovereignty and freedoms, and regains its hijacked free decision-making process.

I end by suggesting the metaphor that, "If the lion shows his canines, do not think that he is smiling. Meanwhile the lion who guards his den does not permit division among his cubs".

Elias Bejjani
*Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
*Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)
*Media Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)