Biblical Qana Destroys Assadís Statute

By Elias Bejjani

February 28/2005

(Reuters 27.2.05 - "A bust of late Syrian President Hafez al-Assad was found knocked from its pedestal in southern Lebanon on Sunday in what looked like an outburst of anti-Syrian fury, witnesses said. The statue stood at the entrance to Qana village, which the witnesses said had also seen an exodus of hundreds of Syrian farm workers since the Feb. 14 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, which many Lebanese blame on Syria".)

Thank you Dear God for upholding justice, and thrashing falsehood. Thank you for your mercy on Lebanonís tortured people, and for strengthening their struggle with the graces of faith and patience. For the hour of salvation has arrived, along with emancipation from the yoke of occupation, and from the tyranny of an unjust and oppressive neighbor who brought us 30 years of enslavement, exodus, poverty, pain, miseries, calamities, the dark black, and the tears.


In reality, only few weeks separate us from the departure of the Baath army, and its defeat along with all its cancerous cells. Signs of Good hope are ushering, thanks to our peopleís Ghandist revolution throughout the land and the Diaspora. Their single thunderous voice is reclaiming our suppressed freedoms, our diminished sovereignty and independence.


Blessed are the hands of our youth that are destroying the statutes of Assad, they are ushering the dawn of liberation. And as Saddamís statutes were thrashed and battered in the streets and alleys of Iraq as a lesson to whoever can learn, so shall the statutes of Assad be condemned to the trash bin of history. And from the Southern town of Qana, the sickles are marching to rid us from the symbols of humiliation and slavery.


Long Live Freedom