The Judgment Day is Looming
By: Elias Bejjani
June 10/2005

We call on Lebanon's greatest asset: its great people, to rebuff the hateful and deceitful attempts by the petrodollar media and the dirty tactics used by numerous camouflaging and acrobatic Lebanese politicians. against General Michel Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement.  Our great people, do not be fooled by these chameleons and Mafiosi. They have betrayed your trust. Bereft of any conscience and dignity, they have sold their soul to the devil.

The General's heroic and much-awaited return has made many politicians in Lebanon desperate and defensive of a position that they cannot support. The General is insisting on a comprehensive audit and a thorough investigation of the last fifteen years when Lebanon fell prey to a public debt of forty-three billion dollars. Those viciously attacking the General were partners with the Syrian occupier and major beneficiaries in the devastating corruption that effected all state institutions on all levels and in all sectors.

They all are ganging up against the man in a war of merciless defamation. Our people are not fooled. It is only their last desperate attempt to make themselves look legitimate. They needn't bother. The truth will emerge. No matter how hard they try to submerge it. Fully supported by Lebanon's patriots, the General will be vindicated and victorious. Full light will expose all criminal files, corruption, betrayal and dirty deals. Its riddles will be unveiled. The truth will be proclaimed strongly and loudly. Justice will ultimately prevail.

None of these Syrian-made politicians has yet embraced the courage to tell the truth. We advise them to look at the situation from a different angle. Have they any idea what fate awaits them if they stubbornly cling to their lies and deceptions when
the truth is exposed? They will be left naked, humiliated and accountable for all crimes their bloodstained hands have committed against Lebanon and its people.

Since day one, Our General had the foresight, insight, and determination to free Lebanon from the yoke of Syrian occupation. His leadership, courage and encouragement in the last 15 years bolstered the sometimes sagging spirits of a people exhausted from a difficult and dangerous struggle to liberate their beloved country from a tyrannical regime. He gave the Lebanese people both in Lebanon and Diaspora hope when it seemed almost unfathomable to consider freedom.

In 1990, the so-called politicians stood by in silent acquiescence as the occupiers raped a beautiful land and enslaved a proud people. Today they attempt to continue their crimes by isolating and endeavoring to defame a patriot who embodies the true spirit of our great nation. The free people of Lebanon will not tolerate their fallacious schemes any longer. It is time to fully expose the atrocities and all of the perpetrators. Our great people have endured 15 long years of subjugation and corruption. It is time to stand against these traitors and effectively take them to task. The facade must be lifted exposing these politicians and officials for the true charlatans they are.

General Michel Aoun is a true Lebanese patriot that should be emulated, not scorned. Untouched by corruption, he continues to lead the Lebanese by example. His honesty, transparency, openness, patriotism and integrity are the aspects that we must seek in our leaders. These are the role models that we want our youth to look up to. The brave patriots who will guide and guard our great nation and. who stood against the Syrian occupier without regard to their own safety.

For all those who are attacking the General because of envy, fear and personal gains, we say: So take care, and be warned. We see through your lies. Time of retribution is at hand. Prepare yourselves to face the justice you have hitherto evaded. The Judgment Day is looming in horizon, and there isn't much time to make amends for your actions. We are watching. All of Lebanon is watching. The eyes of the international community are upon you. Repent. You know it is the right and only course of action. We ask nothing more. We accept nothing less.

Long Live the Truth

Elias Bejjani
*Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
*Coordinator for the Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club (CPCSC)
*Media Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)