Lebanon’s judicial mockeries
By: Elias Bejjani

There has been rarely a day in Lebanon since 1990 that has passed without an official judicial scandal or an atrocity committed by the country’s politicized judiciary against Lebanese nationals. The atrocities have been brutally inflicted on innocent citizens targeting their freedom, dignity, patriotism, education, political affiliations and work. The Lebanese Syrian appointed puppet regime did not spare any public or private institution from its infectious prostitution-corruption Syrianization hegemony. The Beirut regime mercenary officials’ prime mandate has been to tame Lebanon’s people and render them completely subservient to the Syrian occupation.

The most dangerous mockeries that have been committed by Syria and its Lebanese puppet officials are those forced on the judiciary institutions, especially on the military tribunals. The numerous Lebanese military courts have been turned into ‘taming’ vehicles, sentencing people even on the way they feel, on their happiness and sorrow. The latest, childish atrocity committed by one of these military tribunals targeted Mr. Salah Nore-Eddine, an ordinary Lebanese citizen.

Mr. Nore-Eddine’s crime was his spontaneous, happy reaction to the death of Syrian President Hafez Assad. The Beirut military court, according to the Associated Press, found Mr. Salah Nore-Eddine guilty of vilifying Assad. In addition to the one-year prison term, the court fined him $600. Nore-Eddine was arrested shortly after Assad's June 10/2000 death for comments he made to friends and relatives. He asked them not to mourn or to be sad, but to be happy and maybe celebrate the event. Although Lebanese laws forbid defamation of Arab leaders or attempts to harm Lebanon's relations with brotherly and friendly countries, Mr. Nore-Eddine did not break any of these laws.

Mr. Nore-Eddine became happy the day Syria’s President Hafez Assad died and called on his neighbors to celebrate and not to mourn, while others were sad and decided to mourn. The Intelligence bureau learned about Nore-Eddine’s feelings and within hours he was brutally arrested and charged with exhibiting happiness for the death of a brotherly state. Nor-Eddine did not steal, kill, call for revolution, spy for Israel, or enroll in the South Lebanon Army. His crime was that he was happy and expressed his feelings in a very civilized manner. He did not commit any actual crime and did not break any law. By targeting Nore-Eddine, the Lebanese judiciary not only infringed on his rights, but also Lebanon’s constitution and on the International Human Rights Declaration. The mockery of this sentence inflicted on this Lebanese citizen proves to the whole world that Syria occupies the whole of Lebanon, controls its regime and infringes on the Lebanese Human Rights. At the present time Lebanon is the only country in the whole world that is still occupied… the occupier is Syria whose dictatorship alleges Lebanon is a brotherly country

All international laws, as well religious, ethical and moral codes give people the right to be happy or sad any time they feel the need to do so. No authority on earth whatsoever can restrict the range and depth of peoples’ feelings or put them on trial for being sad or happy. Almighty Godly has endowed man with these gifts and through them he made him distinguishable from all other living creatures on earth. When man is deprived from these Godly gifts or they become tamed or restricted he becomes no more a human being but an animal. It becomes a national disaster when people are put on trial for the kind of feelings they exhibit.

At the present time Lebanon is the only Satellite State in the whole world. Under the Syrian occupation Lebanon has lost its entire civilized constitutional, official and judicial practices. The only criteria according to which people are dealt with since 1990 is their loyalty or hostility towards Syria and its ruling figures. Those who are willing to be subservient to the Syrian occupier are safe and enjoy very limited privileges. Meanwhile all the other Lebanese citizens and leaders who call for Lebanon’s independence, sovereignty and for the withdrawal of Syrian troops are considered traitors and Israeli agents.

While the Beirut regime is chasing patriotic citizens, students and the innocent nationals who call for the country’s liberation from Syria, thousands of criminals and armed outlaws are loose harassing, killing and committing all kinds of crimes. In the same context extremely dangerous and notorious criminals who are wanted for massive criminal charges and have been sentenced in absentia with death penalties are loose. The regime can not approach them because of their loyalty to the Syrian occupier.

The Beirut regime executes double standards when dealing with its own people and its politicized judiciary does the same. In the same context thousands of South Lebanese citizens, especially members of the dismantled South Lebanon Army have been arbitrarily detained, improperly tried and given harsh inappropriate sentences. The Human Right’s Watch organization described the Lebanese judiciary practices as a judiciary comedy and criticized openly its verdicts and the numerous infringements on human rights.

The Beirut regime did not spare from its atrocities even human rights’ advocates or university students. The on going case of Dr. Mohammed Mugraby is a live example. Dr. Mugraby who is an international Human Rights advocate and a well known Lebanese lawyer was charged haphazardly because he unveiled certain illegal judiciary practices and named in a press conference numerous bribed judges.

Lebanon is not a free country, its judiciary is politicized and its regime a Syrian puppet.

Lebanon will not be free again and independent before the withdrawal of the Syrian occupying army. Meanwhile all Lebanese in Diaspora have an obligation to support all liberation efforts and lobby for a free, independent, sovereign and democratic country.

Long Live Fee Lebanon