Citizenship Law & Delusion
By: Elias Bejjani

The appointed Lebanese-Syrian regime has familiarized itself to the people of Lebanon, since it was installed by force in October 13/1999, by continuously inflicting newly improvised atrocities and subservient, shameful practices. Their conduct is void of any humane feeling and characterized by submissiveness, betrayal, and collaboration. The main quest is to keep their Syrian master happy through implementing all their vicious schemes aiming to destroy everything that is Lebanese, history, demography, independence, sovereignty and identity. From day one they willingly accepted to be obedient puppets and dirty masks covering the Syrian criminal practices. During their reign that started in 1990 after the Syrian Army ousted General Aoun’s legitimate government, Lebanon has lost its independence and became a Syrian satellite. More than one and a half million Syrian workers invaded the Lebanese labor market forcing the Lebanese workers to emigrate.

The worst atrocity was committed in 1994 when the Hrawi-Hariri government granted Lebanese citizenship illegally to half million foreigners mainly Syrians and in one pen stroke. The number of those granted the citizenship equals 12 % of the total population of Lebanon. If compared to other countries’ population it would be like Canada giving its citizenship in one day to three million, the USA to thirty-five million, and France to six million. Many of those granted the citizenship have never set a foot in Lebanon in their whole life; numerous others have criminal records and even some were in jail at the time they got the citizenship.

The regime is now committing another national horrible crime aiming to turf away the Lebanese living in Diaspora once and forever and deprive them of their legal right to reclaim the Lebanese citizenship. The weapon used for committing this crime is a new citizenship law prepared by the most hated official in occupied Lebanon, Interior Minister, Mr. Michel Murr. The new proposed law was referred to the Hoss government eight weeks ago for approval, and it will be approved because the government is a fake mask for the Syrians who dictated the law.

The new proposed law makes it almost impossible for the twenty million Lebanese citizens living in Diaspora to reclaim their citizenship. It requires that any Lebanese immigrant who wants to reclaim his citizenship reside in Lebanon for one full year, after which period he will be eligible to submit an application. The question is, who will be processing the applications under the Syrian current occupation and the puppet reign umbrella? The conspiracy is very clear. Who could be blind to its treacherous aims? The aims are not a secret, they are overt and in the open in a very rude, humiliating and bold manner. The focus is on changing Lebanon’s very delicate demography in a way that the Lebanese will become a minority in their own country. The foreigners, especially the Syrians, will become the majority that controls the fate of the country.

In the context of the regime official’s camouflage in saying exactly the opposite of what they practice, General Lahoud, The Lebanese-Syrian appointed president addressed a delegation of Mexican -Lebanese visitors at the Baabda Palace ( Annahar newspaper on 20/7/1999), by saying: “I call on you to come back to your roots, you can invest all your capabilities in Lebanon. You have proved to be successful in the Diaspora and you can do the same in Lebanon. Your country Lebanon can give you what you deserve.” Both Mr. Nabih Berri and Dr. Salim Hoss uttered similar empty statements during the Youth conference for immigrants held in Lebanon by the so-called ministry for immigrants.

The question is what the Lebanese regime has offered to the Lebanese in Diaspora? Practically nothing except plots against their roots, affiliation and rights. At the same time that the appointed president, General Lahoud, encourages them to return to Lebanon and invest in it, he and his puppet regime confiscate their right in reclaiming their Lebanese nationality. These puppets also pass legislations that deprive the immigrants of all their other rights as Lebanese. The Lahoud-Murr proposed new citizenship law gives the Lebanese in Diaspora a fake status called “Immigrant Status”. This status dictates that the immigrants can visit Lebanon and invest in it, but will not be granted the citizenship rights among which nomination, voting or eligibility for official positions. It is exactly a status similar to the multi entrance visa granted by the USA for visitors.

The Lebanese regime officials and the Syrians who installed them should go back and study the history of Lebanon. They must be aware that defeat was the ultimate fate of each and every tyrant or occupier who deluded himself that the Lebanese people could be tamed and ripped off from their Lebanese affiliation. The fact is that the fate of the current occupiers will not by any means be different from those sick-minded occupiers that invaded Lebanon through its deeply rooted 6000 years.

The puppet Lebanese regime and its Syrian masters can pass any legislation they delude themselves will alienate the Lebanese in Diaspora and keep them away from coming back. The affiliation of the Lebanese in Diaspora to Lebanon is not tied to a document or paper, it stems from their love to their mother country.

They carry Lebanon with them in their hearts and minds wherever they go, wherever they live, and they pass it over to their children. Lebanon is their life and a life can only be taken by its creator, Almighty God.

Long Live Free Lebanon