Lebanon's new government faces the risk of losing all credibility
By: Elias Bejjani
July 21/2005

It is strongly believed that Lebanon's newly formed government has become from its day one in office a hostage to Hezbollah's fanaticism mentality, Islamization of Lebanon endeavors, terrorism inclinations, intimidation tactics, rejection of others beliefs, and a bold anti state doctrine.

The government has locked itself in Hezbollah's corner and crippled all potentials of adopting any decisive stance in regards to the UN 1559 Resolution's remaining clauses that are not yet implemented. These clauses call for the disarmament of all Lebanese and non Lebanese militias, deployment of the state's army to South Lebanon and on its borders with both neighboring countries, Syria and Israel.

The Government's Ministerial Statement which will be announced on Friday July 22/2005  shall prove without any shed of doubt the Lebanese people's serious concerns and fears. The Parliament’s vote of confidence will take place on Tuesday 26 July/2005. This vote is not a problem for the government because the majority of the 128 MP'S were forced on the Lebanese people in the latest parliamentary elections that was conducted under the umbrella of a biased, oppressive and made-in-Syria electoral law.

The new government has put itself in an international and regional awkward position when it allotted two of its ministerial portfolios to Hezbollah members. How could this government be fair, accepted by the free world, engage in the peace process, and govern in accordance with the state's constitution and Human Rights covenant when Hezbollah’s two ministers openly oppose the UN regional and international peace process in the Middle East, advocate for suicide bombing, reject the central Lebanese government's authority, maintains its own erected outlaw state in south Lebanon, patrols the borders with Israel, confiscates Lebanon's war-peace decision, owns a huge arsenal among which twelve thousand short and long range missiles and enforces in South Lebanon, Beirut Southern suburbs and Baalbak region its Iranian Islamic State model, ethics and conduct?

The majority of the peace loving people are greatly appreciative to the stances taken on yesterday, by Britain, USA France, and EU, who urged the Lebanese new government to fully implement UN Security Council Resolution 1559, expand its authority over all Lebanese territory, avoid escalation on the Southern border with Israel, cooperate with the International Investigation Commission into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and work on viable political and economic reform plans.

They also hail the official USA clear crystal stance declaring openly that President Bush's administration will not deal by any means with Hezbollah's ministers in the new Lebanese government.

For the new Lebanese government to prove its freedom from Hezbollah's hegemony and intimidation the following stances needs to be addressed clearly in its ministerial statement:

1- Full commitment to the immediate implementation of the UN Resolution 1559

2- Issuing a special decree allowing all Lebanese citizens and militants with their families who took refuge in Israel and other countries in May 2000 in the aftermath of the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon in accordance with UN Resolution 425, to return home with dignity and without any legal retaliation by the state or Hezbollah.

3- Propose a practical plan to allow the Millions of Lebanese living in Diaspora to enjoy their citizenship rights among which is the right for nomination and voting in parliamentary and municipal elections from their countries of residence, meanwhile formulating a legal simplifies and applicable process for other Lebanese Diaspora members and descendents to acquire the Lebanese citizenship.

4- Propose a modern, fair and applicable electoral law.

5- Adopt the human case of the Lebanese citizens arbitrarily detained in Syrian jails.

In case the government decides to camouflage and hide behind the "Taef Accord", as all previous "made in Syria governments" have done during the Syrian occupation era since 190, its PM and ministers should remember that this accord does not recognize any one militia as resistance, and does not differentiate between one armed militia from another or grant Hezbollah militia any resistance status. Section three of the Accord calls plainly for full abidance by the "Armistice Agreement" signed in 1946, deployment of the Lebanese army on the borders with neighboring Syria and Israel, enforce the central government's authority over all Lebanese territories and disarm all militias, Lebanese and non Lebanese.

God Bless Lebanon

Elias Bejjani
*Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
*Spokesman for the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation (CLHRF)
*Media Chairman for the Canadian Lebanese Coordinating Council (LCCC)
E.Mail phoenicia@hotmail.com  LCCC Web Site http://www.10452lccc.com