Parrots and Drums
By: Elias Bejjani

It was shameful and scandalous to read, hear and watch the numerous rhetoric speeches delivered by Beirut’s puppet regime officials and politicians on the "Taef Accord’s" 10th anniversary. The performance of these Trojans is void of any national credibility. They have become mere parrots and drums echoing in a disgusting and nauseating pattern the voices of their Syrian masters. The Syrians managed to occupy 90% of Lebanon and install a puppet regime whose mandate was to tear down Lebanon the sovereign independent State and destroy its distinguishable identity, history, culture, demography and civilization.

It is a well known fact that "Taef Accord", has been imposed on Lebanon and its legitimate government in 1990 through a Syrian military invasion. The invasion was orchestrated and blessed by both Israel and the United States in a bid to facilitate the so-called Middle East peace process at the expense of Lebanon and its sovereignty. The Lebanese were kept in the dark, completely alienated and did not have any say in the so-called "Taef Accord". They were not even allowed to add a comma to the Accord or erase a dot from it. Any Lebanese official, politician, dignitary or individual who claims otherwise is deceiving himself and forging the truth. History will have no mercy on such liars and their grandfathers will curse them from the graves. The "Taef Accord" did not put an end to the war of others against Lebanon and its people, as Syria claims. Syria who practically instigated, orchestrated and financed the war from day one in 1975 stopped the war after its troops invaded the country, ousted its legitimate government and installed a puppet regime of traitors.

"Taef Accord" did not put an end to the wars of others against Lebanon and its people. Those who supported the Accord in 1989-1990 are currently opposing it. In the same realm those who opposed it are maintaining their oppositional stance and more then ever are fully convinced of the legitimacy of their opposition. The Accord is void of any substance of an agreement. It is a foreign deal against all the Lebanese people and a dirty vehicle used to tame them, occupy their country and annex it to the awkward, dictatorship-neighboring countries. The foreign powers that imposed "Taef" planned to drag Lebanon into stone ages and turn the Lebanese into submissive slaves like other neighboring countries’ citizens.

The first big lie about "Taef" revolves on giving some of the 18 Lebanese denominations their rights. "Taef" supporters allege it made all Lebanese equal in rights, official posts and paved the road to abolish the sectarian governing system. The reality is "Taef" has deprived all Lebanese denominations of all their powers, confused laws, and put entirely all-governing powers into Syrian hands. Syria, according to "Taef" assumed the role of an arbitrator among Lebanon’s imposed officials and leaders. These leaders and politicians who were "made in Syria" find themselves in continuous conflict with each other and in need of a Syrian arbitrator. Syria has tailored through "Taef" a very unique manipulative role. It made Damascus a shrine for all appointed Lebanese officials and "made in Syria" politicians and clergymen…they have to pilgrimage to Damascus almost on a daily basis for bowing, cajoling, subservience and receiving of orders, "Faramens". Syria sides with those who are more submissive, ready to mortgage their dignity and willing to be downtrodden while smiling.

"Taef" is a foreign deal against all the Lebanese and a humiliation to their intelligence. Who can forget the words of Mr. Al-Aktar Al-Ibrahemi (Arabic Committee envoy) during his meeting with Prime Minister Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace in 1989: " My dear General, what has been written is written, you the Lebanese are not allowed to erase a comma or add a dot to the Taef Accord, You have to accept it as is".

Meanwhile "Taef" is condemned and harshly criticized almost on a daily basis by prominent politicians who considered it in 1989-1990 a heavenly gift. Among these collaborators Mr. Elias Hrawi, Albert Mansour, Michel Murr and many others…all of them say "Taef" is not a viable constitution for running the country.

The biggest second lie alleges "Taef" has put an end to Lebanon’s civil war and placed the country on a safe peace-security track. Meanwhile the Lebanese war, as the entire world knows, has been, and is still, the war of others against Lebanon and its people. Even Mr. Elias Hrawi who has served as an appointed collaborating President for 9 years under the "Taef" umbrella admits this fact. Accordingly this claim is a big lie too, because Syria instigated the war and orchestrated all its devastating stages since 1975, and stopped it only, after occupying the country. Syria in 1990 invaded Lebanon, conquered its presidential palace, ousted its legitimate government and murdered its patriots: soldiers, clergymen, women, children and politicians. After that it installed a Lebanese puppet regime against the will of the people. Syrian attitudes and practices during the last ten years confirms this fact and refutes all other false claims

The only advantage of "Taef" , if there is one, lies in the fact that it made all the Lebanese people equal in suffering, humiliation, displacement, torture, infringements on their human rights, persecution, immigration, poverty, slavery, imprisonment and alienation in their own country. Syria used "Taef" to install the worst Lebanese in power among which are: corrupters, thieves, Mafiosi lords, criminals, drug traffickers, traitors and opportunists. These appointed officials and "made in Syria" politicians are the human shield that the Syrian regime is using under the camouflage of brotherhood to destroy any thing and everything that is Lebanese in a bid to annex the whole country, steal its resources and force its people to emigrate.

The other devastating "Taef" phenomenon that flourished extensively since Syria, appointed General Lahoud, President in 1998, is a cluster of deceiving official camouflaging attitudes: opportunism, collaboration, cajoling, flattering, self-denial, rhetoricate and treason. This phenomenon is cancerous and infectious in nature. The status quo imposed by Syria and its puppets makes us wonder where is Lebanon heading under the "Taef regime?

The appointed Lebanese officials speak only to cajole and flatter Syria and its dictator. They have abandoned every Lebanese conviction and accepted a subservient role in a bid to remain in power, protect their own interests and strengthen their influence. "Taef" which was made in Syria, is serving Syrian interests in Lebanon and not those of the Lebanese people. It is a foreign deal against Lebanon and a venomous means for destroying its distinguishable identity, democracy, history, independence, sovereignty and freedoms. There will be no salvation for Lebanon as long as Syria occupies the country and as long as its installed puppets are in power.

Do these mercenary officials represent the Lebanese aspirations and hopes? Definitely not, they are mere drums and parrots that echo their Syrian master’s voice. In the midst of this gloominess, we the people of great Lebanon will not loose our faith or the hope in salvation. Meanwhile Oppression, persecution, intimidation and torture will only increase our quest and perseverance in resistance and not vice versa.

Lebanon has encountered through its 6000 years of deeply rooted history, hundreds of tyrants and invaders. All of them left in humiliation and defeat and the fate of the present occupiers will not be much different no matter how strong or criminal they are. Lebanon the 10452-km square will be victorious by God’s will and through the faith of its faithful courageous patriotic people.

Long Live Free Lebanon