A Rejected Realism
By: Elias Bejjani

Saint Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians (5-6), described the believer’s role by saying: “A little bit of yeast makes the whole batch of dough rise.” This is exactly the divine responsibility of the patriotic Lebanese people who believe in the 10452 km square concept, honor the distinguished Lebanese identity, are proud of the rich Lebanese culture, affiliated spiritually to Lebanon’s deeply rooted 6000 year history and worship the holiness of the Lebanese soil. They have to be like the blessed dough, strengthen the faith of their people, support them in their agony, and be a role model in witnessing for the truth with integrity, devotion and endurance. Saint Paul also said to the Corinthians: “If my aim was only to satisfy the people, I would not have been Jesse’s servant, We don’t talk to please the people, but to please Almighty God.”

We are the patriotic Lebanese who carry Lebanon’s torch and its Cross at the same time,
We are the ones who are witnessing for the truth, defending our beloved country and fighting for its sovereignty, independence, identity and uniqueness. Our quest is to provide freedom for our people and secure their right to choose the leaders and officials who represent their hopes, beliefs and aspirations, without oppression or persecution.

We have decided willingly and happily to carry Lebanon’s Cross with faith and devotion till the day Lebanon is liberated. We have decided to walk the path of struggle and resistance regardless of material gains or loses. We have decided to walk Lebanon’s Calvary road and endure all the pain and the humiliation needed to reach the salvation end. Our struggle is not a choice, but a fate and a divine price that we have to pay for the gift of being born Lebanese, and for the Godly grace that we were molded of Lebanese holy soil and its blessed water. Our quest for liberation is derived from a set of solid national convictions inherited from our great ancesters who created the nation of Lebanon through hard work and remarkable devotion through 6000 years of martyrdom.

We are the sons of the great Lebanon, the land of the holy cedars,
We are the sons of the nation of civilization, science, culture,
We are the sons of the Phoenicians, who gave the world its first Alphabet,
We are the sons of the Phoenicians who taught the whole world the science of navigation
and the art of trade,
We are the sons of the Phoenician King Aheram, whose architects and craftsmen of Tyre built the great temple of Solomon in Jerusalem,
We are the sons of the great Phoenician Hannibal, the mightiest military leader,
We are the sons of Sheik Bashir, Al-Bustani, Kadmous, Zaynon, Europe, and Malek,
We are the sons of the 10452 km square Lebanon.

Because of all of the above, and because of who we are and what we are, it is a sin and a crime for us under any given circumstances, no matter what the sacrifices are, to compromise on any of our holy convictions or national beliefs. We say to those who advise us every now and then to be pragmatic, realistic, rational and to accept the imposed occupational status quo, we say NO NO NO.

Your realism means enslavement, submission and surrender to the devil, and a ticket for tyrants and occupiers to control the whole world based on the Darwinist principle, the survival of the stronger.

We as patriotic Lebanese can’t accept the occupation of our country, and will resist with all means available to reclaim our freedom and independence. We are fully aware that the process is hard and full of sacrifice, but we have no other choice: this is our fate. We can’t accept the realism principle and give away our history, culture, identity and pride. We can’t accept awkwardness, ignorance, treason and collaboration, and we can’t accept going back to the stone ages.

Our understanding of realism is completely different than that advocated by those whose faiths in Lebanon and its ultimate victory have been weakened. Realism for us means the full understanding of obligations and commitments, and the transparent honesty of taking courageous national stances. Those who preach realism should remember that if Jesus Christ had accepted the painful reality imposed on him by the Pharisees and had abandoned his heavenly mission there would have been no Christianity. If the black people had accepted the horrible reality of being slaves, they would not have won their battle and become free. If General DeGaulle had accepted the reality of the Nazi occupation to his country, France would have not been liberated.

Realism in its linguistic and practical concept is void of faith, sacrifice, hope or aspirations, and is a conduct based on tangible visible facts removed from feelings and emotions. The concept of this realism has no place in nationalism, because it is synonymous for submission, surrender and for the criteria of materialistic gains and loses. Martyrdom knows no realism so well as the struggle for freedom and liberty.

Freedom is a gift from Almighty God. He created man in his image and distinguished him from other creatures with remarkable intellectual faculties, a few of which are emotions, conscience, judgement and creativity. Once man loses these characteristics, he loses his human-divine nature. Meanwhile any Lebanese who accepts the reality of the occupation of his country and declines resisting and fighting the occupiers, does not deserve the privilege of being Lebanese. We ask those who preach ‘realism’ to strengthen their weakened Lebanese faith and fight fiercely to change the imposed satanic reality on their country, Lebanon.

Free we were born, free we shall die, Lebanese we were born, and Lebanese we shall remain till the Day of the Lord.

Long Live Free Lebanon