By: Elias Bejjani

The ongoing Byzantine arguments and political maneuvers focusing on South Lebanon and UN Resolutions in general, and on 425 in particular, plainly delineates Damascus's hidden vicious agenda for Lebanon. The plan is to destroy, slowly, Lebanon's, unity, international credibility, sovereignty and independence, so it can be devoured piece by piece until full annexation becomes internationally receptive. The Syrians are impeding the implementation of UN Resolutions that call for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Lebanon (425, 426, 520) and making their mere mention a taboo for the Lebanese people. They are using Mafia style splitting tactics to discredit Lebanese potential, portraying them as sectarian, immature, bellicose, irresponsible and unable to rule themselves. Syria intends to prove to the regional and international communities that the civil war will reignite all over Lebanon the moment their army is forced to leave.

Syria intends to maintain its occupational hegemony over Lebanon and will abort all efforts to free it, by any means, including bloodbaths if not deterred by the UN, the Arab world and the international community. The Lebanese people are not able on their own to liberate their country under the current Syrian imposed status quo. The international community in general and the free democratic countries in particular have an obligation to assume a leading role in liberating Lebanon ... the holy land of the cedars. The Lebanese-Phoenicians gave to the world for thousands of years, gave with generosity all that they had, and now it is time they were paid back.

The Syrian Lebanese installed Hariri government is a mere disguise for Syria's occupation plans against Lebanon's unity, heritage and culture. This government, as well as the rest of the current regime, was "made in Syria" not elected through proper democratic means, by the Lebanese people. They do not represent the aspirations, nor the will of our peaceful citizens. All acts attitudes and decisions of all these officials are infringements of the Lebanese constitution.

The Syrian appointed and "made in Syria" puppets include President of the Republic, Prime Minister, House Speaker, Ministers, Members of the Parliament and all influential government officials. All of these have proven day after day that they are controlled completely through Damascus, as robots serving the master, who

Appointed them, and not Lebanon or its people. They are intentionally and purposefully hindering the healing process of the country by keeping the Syrian occupation and giving more justification for its presence, because when Syrians go, they will go with them, and may be tried for treason.

The current Lebanese dilemma remains not because UN Resolution 425 or the Taif Accord are or are not implemented, and not due to the delay of the Israeli withdrawal from the South, a withdrawal that is imminent as indicated by Israel, US and European countries recently. The dilemma persists and will persist as long as Syria is able to keep its hegemony over the country.

Before the Syrian and Israeli occupation took place, Lebanon was always a peace loving country, Its people resisted terrorism and foreign influence, and will continue to do so.

We, the Lebanese in occupied Lebanon and in the Diaspora, struggling for Lebanon's Liberation call upon on all world free countries to recognize the fact that implementation of UN Resolution 425 only is not the answer for Lebanon's current dilemma. On the contrary, it will give Syria control over all Lebanese territories including the South. Lebanon's full Liberation could be achieved only through the implementation of Resolution 520 which calls for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from all of Lebanon, the Syrians, Israelis, Palestinians, Irani's etc.

Therefore, we believe Lebanon should negotiate with both Israel as well as with Syria at the same time through the UN on the basis of UN Resolutions 425, 426 and 520. All foreign forces should leave Lebanon and only the Lebanese army be assigned full responsibility for maintaining security all over Lebanon, and, if needed, through the support of UN troops. We believe that the UNIFIL 5000 troops stationed in South Lebanon at the present time must be deployed immediately on the Lebanese-Israeli borders, as well as on the Syrian-Lebanese borders. The UN Secretary General should be the initiating hand to force both Syria and Israel to Leave Lebanon simultaneously. Otherwise Lebanon will end as a "Syrian satellite state".

Lebanon can be saved by the international community only, and must be saved as soon as possible before Syria dismantles what is left of its unity and displaced the rest of its original citizens. Free, independent Lebanon can only be an asset to the democratic world, while a Syrianized, occupied Lebanon is a plague on the Middle East and the whole world.

Save Lebanon, save democracy: lobby the Syrians to go back to Syria and the Israelis to Israel.