Syrian schemes against Lebanon
By: Elias Bejjani
Will Syria leave Lebanon voluntarily after Israel withdraws from its south and West Bekaa region?
Is Syria’s dictator, Hafez Assad, planning to leave the people of Lebanon to handle their own affairs without his regime’s imposed hegemony and custody?
Will Syria’s dictator stop voluntarily instigating wars from within and against Lebanon?

The Lebanese people hope Syria will come to its senses and put an end to all it’s dirty schemes against Lebanon and its sovereignty. But the Lebanese are very suspicious about Syria’s schemes especially, after General Lahoud’s latest threats. Ladoud said: "We have two choices, either we go back to a civil war, or coordinate internally with Syria in every domain to remain a solid interior frontier." The same threats were boldly uttered by Bachar Assad, other Syrian leaders and appointed Lebanese officials.

After the bloody events that hit South Lebanon, Beirut and areas, especially in the vicinity of the Palestinians refugee camps, it is definite, Syria is not planning to leave Lebanon voluntarily. On the contrary it will instigate wars and create unrest to justify the continuation of its occupation. In this context it imposed a new electoral law, a " Syria Faraman" (passed by the puppet, rubber stamp, Lebanese Parliament on December 22/1999). The law divided the country into 14 constituencies, tailored to suit Lebanese- Syrian collaborators and puppets. In year 2000, one hundred twenty eight MP’s will all be appointed by Syria in a fake election, as was the situation in 1992 and 1996. The year 2000 so- called Lebanese parliament will be a Syrian Parliament in Lebanon.

For the same purpose, Syria left Lebanon out of the Israeli-Syrian resumed negotiations that took place in Washington on 16-17 December 1999. Syria, to marginalize Lebanon more, formed a mercenary Lebanese delegation for any future negotiations from well known collaborators under the chairmanship of the most notorious Lebanese official, Mr. Michel Murr. Damascus also abandoned its imposed slogan, "unity of the Syrian-Lebanese peace tracks" and substituted it with " unity in signing the peace treaty" slogan. It took this mockery stance after hindering and ruining all Lebanon’s efforts during the last ten years to liberate its –Israeli occupied south and West Bekaa region through the implementation of the 425 UN Resolution.

Syria’s Foreign Minister Mr. Farouk Sharaa, visited Lebanon on December 20/12/1999, three days after the end of the first resumed Syrian-Israeli negotiation round in Washington. He updated the Beirut regime on its outcome and handed them the needed directions, "Farames". In a press conference he said: "Lebanon will have its own independent delegation for the peace negotiations because it is an independent country and has its own sovereignty. We refuse to negotiate on Lebanon’s behalf, and the guerrilla issue in south Lebanon is a mere internal Lebanese matter". He also announced: "Lebanon will join the negotiations after the third round, and that Syrian dictator, Assad, has informed Mr. Clinton, Lebanon and Syria will sign the ultimate peace treaty together".

Mr. Sharaa infringed on Lebanon’s constitution and humiliated the Lebanese people when he, not the Lebanese government, decided when Lebanon could join the negotiation sessions. He also acted as if the Lebanese were stupid when he alleged the Guerrilla issue in South Lebanon is a mere Lebanese responsibility, and that Lebanon is an independent sovereign state. For God’s sake, who in the whole world does not know that although the guerrilla fighters and victims are Lebanese, the whole resistance matter is controlled and masterminded by Syria and Iran? Who does not know that Syria occupies Lebanon, controls its regime, appoints and fires its officials and treats its people like slaves?

Syria is in Lebanon not to fight Israel as it alleges, but to annex the country. In this context Syria did not allow Lebanon to send its army to the city of Jezzine lately after South Lebanon Army withdrew from the region. Syria did not allow Lebanon to deploy its army in South Lebanon several times since 1990, especially during the Hrawi-Hariri reign. The USA advised the Beirut Hrawi-Hariri regime to deploy Lebanon’s Army in south Lebanon, but Syria aborted the plan. Hafez Assad personally summoned Hariri and Hrawi to Damascus to reprimanded them for agreeing on the US plan.

Syria forced Lebanon to participate in the "Madrid peace Conference" although the UN resolution 425 calls on Israel to withdraw from Lebanon without the need for the Madrid formula "Land for peace", that applies to Arab countries. Syria forced the Lebanese puppet regime to tie the fate of UN resolutions 242 and 338, that relates to the Arab land occupied in 1976, with that of 425. Lebanon did not engage in any wars with Israel since 1946, like the other Arab countries, and accordingly the "Land for peace" formula does not apply to the occupied South Lebanon and West Bekaa region.

Is Syria considering leaving Lebanon and dealing with it as an independent sovereign state, after Israel withdraws from its South? Unfortunately, its entire unfortunately, acts and attitudes do not indicate so. On the contrary its leadership is resorting to all mean schemes in a bid to maintain their hegemony over Lebanon. It is evident the Syrian dictator, Assad, is ready to go to the extreme and accept even assigning his army patrolling Israeli borders with Lebanon if this would get him Israel’s and USA’s blessings for continuing his occupation to Lebanon.

Syrians abandoned their imposed slogan "Unity of peace tracks" for the last ten years the first day it stopped to serve Syria’s schemes. Syria, according to its Foreign Minister Mr. Sharaa has adopted now another slogan that calls for "unity in signing a peace accord with Israel", although any Lebanese who had advocated for this slogan during the last ten years has been tagged as an "Israeli traitor". Syrian dictator, Assad, is planning to keep Lebanon out of the Syria-Israeli negotiations so he can freely reach a peace accord with Israel at Lebanon’s expense. When the deal with Israel becomes ready, Assad, will summon the Beirut puppet regime delegation headed by Michel Murr to sign and make it look as if the people of Lebanon approve his hegemony over their country.

It is not a secret that Syria’s dictator priority is not to liberate his occupied Golan Heights, but to maintain Syria’s occupation to Lebanon. This fact was addressed several times by prominent Jordanian, Palestinian, Israeli and Egyptian officials. The only ones who pretend not to see and recognize this bitter fact are Beirut’s puppet officials who have sold themselves to the devil.

All through its recent history, patriotic Lebanese leaders have never trusted Syria’s vicious intentions towards their country. The Lebanese had always to suffer because of Syria’s expansion schemes, in 1958, in 1975 and at the present time. We believe it is now the right time for us to take a clear stance and decide once and forever if we are actually Lebanese and want to live in an independent, sovereign, free, multi-cultural Lebanon, or not. We can’t keep a blind eye on Syria’s schemes any more; we have to stand for our own country and all its values.

Syria must leave Lebanon, as well as Israel. The Lebanon that survived 6000 years can and will be again a free country and a role model in the Middle East for democracy, coexistence, tolerance and civilization. We call on the whole world to help us and pressure both Syria and Israel to withdraw from Lebanon and respect its sovereignty. We demand that an independent Lebanese delegation that represents the people of Lebanon, not the Syrians, be formed to negotiate with Israel and the UN for the implementation of UN resolutions 425 and 426. These two resolutions call on Israel to withdraw from Lebanon with no need for "Land for Peace" formula. We also call on the UN, USA, France, Canada, Britain, European countries and all Arab countries to help us implement UN resolution 520 that calls for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Lebanon: Syrians, Israelis, Kurds, Palestinians, Iranis etc.
We expect the whole free world to support our fair, just cause.
Long Live Free Lebanon