The Trojans
By: Elias Bejjani

Lebanon lost its independence completely in 1990 and has since been under the Syrian Stalinist hegemony and occupation. Lebanon, the people, the sovereignty and the identity were and still are the actual victims of a regional and international scheme. For the smooth implementation of this scheme, Syria was given the green light from the USA and Israeli to conquer the free regions of Lebanon and oust its legitimate government of General Michel Aoun. The regime that Syria installed is a puppet one and does not represent the hopes or the aspirations of the Lebanese people. On the contrary, it has been working hard to destroy anything and everything that is Lebanese. Syria has turned Lebanon into a satellite state revolving in its orbit exactly like the Balkan states during the notorious Soviet era.

What, in fact, is extremely bizarre is that some Lebanese are turning a blind eye toward the odd, painful and imposed status quo reality. Despite all the atrocities and the mockeries inflicted on their people by the Syrians, they still claim Lebanon is an independent country with an elected president and parliament. They intentionally refuse to recognize the reality and act exactly like the ostrich that puts its head into the sand believing that if she does not see, no body else can see. Some of these ostriches living in occupied Lebanon justify their cowardice and subservience by fear of persecution, imprisonment and revenge. Meanwhile, we can’t find any excuse for the ostriches that live in the Diaspora in democratic countries like Canada and the USA. They still appease, cajole and advocate for the Syrian dictatorship and for the Syrian-installed puppet regime.

The Syrian occupation authorities routinely change their Lebanese puppet officials after using and abusing them. Although they are changed frequently, the same governing tactics remain with no change because they do rule and act exactly like robots. They are not accountable for their acts, follow the Syrian orders and implement blindly whatever Damascus asks them to do. The current Lebanese officials are a cover for the Syrian occupation and a cheap means for serving their expansionist dreams. This fact is not a secret, it is in the open and the installed officials admit publicly this mockery.

The following are four statements by four prominent Taef figures delineating this bitter fact, the subservience:
Mr. Nabih Beri, the appointed House Speaker, commented on the huge number of electoral law proposals submitted by Lebanese parties and politicians by saying: All these proposals are in fact only wishes on the side of the Lebanese because the brothers in Syrian did not have their say yet.

Mr. Walid Jumblat in a recent interview with Al-Dyar newspaper said: the Syrians scheduled my meeting with General Lahoud at the Baabda Palace, I take my orders directly from them, and with them all matters are arranged.

Mr. Omar Karami responded to the claims that the Hoss government has an excellent record of achievements by saying: Let no one pose and brag about any achievements because we all know who appoints the governments in Lebanon and who actually runs the whole show.

Mr. Raffic Hariri, when he was in office and after being challenged by some of the appointed MP’s he said: He who put me in office is the only one who can ask me to resign, not the parliament or any other politician.

Mr. Basem Al- Sabaah in a speech at the Lebanese Parliament last week said: We are afraid even to talk to our wives, my phone lines are bugged as well as all the phone lines of the House Speaker, ministers and MP’s, it is rare that a politician’s phone that is not bugged. Lebanon has never witnessed in its history a political status of confusion and vagueness like the one that prevails at the present time.

The Free Patriotic Current, headed by General Michel Aoun, was and is still the only political group in Lebanon that refused to accept the Syrian appointment mockery of General Lahoud and his government. General Lahoud, as well as the rest of the Lebanese current regime officials, are all appointed by the Syrian occupier, some directly and others like the President and MP’s through pre-set orchestrated fake election procedures.

The bitter reality is that Lebanon is an occupied country and its regime is not different from that of the Vichy French Hitler-installed government during WWII. Unless the majority of the Lebanese people both in occupied Lebanon and in Diaspora admit this fact, take courage stances to counteract it and act patriotically, there will be no salvation or liberation.

Lebanon can not afford to have Trojans among its Diaspora communities, it needs patriotic, courageous, devoted and strong believers in the 10452-km square doctrine and in the 6000-year history and distinguishable identity of the Lebanese. Lebanon is not going to be liberated except by its own people, it will have no peace or stability, and its sovereignty and independence will not be reclaimed before the complete withdrawal of all foreign troops: Israelis, Syrians and others.

With the peace process potentials being revived again after the recent election of Ehud Barak PM in Israel, the Lebanese negotiation track with Israel must be separated from that of Syria. The free world countries and the UN have an obligation to come to the rescue of the peace loving Lebanese people. They must help them to force the Syrians to withdraw from Lebanon and allow them to elect freely their own president, MP’s and other officials Lebanon needs in order to create a regime that represents the Lebanese peoples’ hopes, aspirations and wishes.

Long Live Free Lebanon