Wake up, Witness for the truth
By: Elias Bejjani

For the majority of the Lebanese people, the holistic patriotic picture has become very clear. They are fully aware of the precipitating factors and perpetuating elements underlying the continuing Syrian occupation of their country. Lebanon's people in both occupied Lebanon and the Diaspora are very much aware of the numerous and vicious Syrian obstacles deliberately employed to hinder their beloved Lebanon from reclaiming its independence, sovereignty, and freedom. They ridicule the fake Syrian imposed slogan of "one people in two countries." 

During the last few years a state of darkness has prevailed among some misled Lebanese because of Syria's "divide and rule" imperialistic tactics. Meanwhile subservient stances adopted by the Syrian-installed Lebanese officials and politicians since 1990 have created a class of shameless collaborators, opportunists, and traitors. These parasites dominate the country and persecute its people. Hopefully the ambiguousness and distortion created by Syria to justify its ongoing occupation of Lebanon has vanished after the withdrawal of Israel from south Lebanon unilaterally.

The Syrian regime has polluted the Lebanese minds with imported fake "Arabism" until they became completely disgusted with these devious tactics. The Syrian leadership has imposed its version of nationalism on Lebanon to justify scarifying the Lebanese men, women and children in endless and futile Syrian wars. They brainwashed the people through confusion, terrorism, manipulation, cheating, intimidation, and blatant instigation of sectarian divisions.

Time after time, they beat the drums of war and raise provocative sectarian slogans to further divide the Lebanese. We have heard and witnessed numerous Syrian figures, puppet Lebanese politicians and officials do so by their ferocious rhetorical attacks against each other and against patriotic figures like General Michel Aoun. 

Ever since Syria assumed total control over Lebanon in 1990 and installed a Lebanese satellite regime, the Lebanese have been spoon-fed by the Syrianized Lebanese media on a daily basis and told that the civil war will be rekindled should the Syrian army ever be forced to depart from their country. Some Lebanese were skeptical about this false allegation, so to prove its point, Syria created and orchestrated many internal wars, internal conflicts and massacres among which the Tufaili movement (the "revolution of the hungry"), the bloody fanatic latest north clashes, the Abu Mehjen phenomenon, etc.

Every Lebanese knows well who instigated these wars and supplied all the outlaws with arms, and who encouraged them to challenge the Lebanese authorities and the army.   Lebanon's enemies currently control its regime and follow the militias' model. They have created sectarian barriers among the people and destroyed the national foundations of the country. They boldly accuse patriotic leaders of preaching hatred and opposing social modernization. What proof do they have for these false allegations?  What are their examples? Nobody in fact knows.  Although they expect us to believe blindly what they say, march behind them and repeat like parrots whatever they utter, as some simple-minded imbeciles do. 

The Syrian regime and its installed puppets in Lebanon do not want us to think or talk about the Syrian occupation, or
otherwise they threaten that the massacres will start again. They want us to lose our national self-confidence and pride. They want us to live in continuous fear and intimidation under the delusion that only the Syrians are capable of preventing internal conflicts from igniting.

My dear fellow Lebanese, are you able to recognize this national crime that is being committed against your beloved Lebanon? Wake up! Come to your senses! 

The current Lebanese-installed regime is fully manipulated by the Syrian Baath Party. Our people are used mercilessly to serve Syria's agenda. Unfortunately the Lebanese in occupied Lebanon and the Diaspora are currently used as human bricks to build the modern Syrian high palaces.

My dear fellow Lebanese, are you fully aware of the Syrian dictatorship's agenda? Wake up!
Come to your senses! 

We, the Lebanese people, have been fighting Syria's wars while its dictatorship regime takes the credit. As long as we strive for this stupid martyrdom behavioral pattern, are quietly receptive to disasters and wail we shall remain the best means to serve Syria's agenda.

My dear fellow Lebanese, don't you think the time has come to put an end to this vicious cycle, and reclaim our country? Wake up and come to your senses!

Lebanon will remain in the eyes of the Syrian regime the haven they have always aspired to own and control. Apparently, Syria would have preferred to keep the Israelis in South Lebanon so it can occupy the rest of the country.
Now and after Israel has ended its occupation to South Lebanon, the Syrians will do anything not to be deprived of the six billion American dollars they generate illegally from Lebanon on an annual basis. It is now clear to all of you, my dear fellow Lebanese, that Syria has no intention of leaving our country peacefully and certainly not under any
conciliatory conditions. Syria's agenda is to keep Lebanon under occupation indefinitely.  It will instigate all kinds of wars no matter what the consequences in order to fulfill its dream and keep its full hegemony over our country.

My fellow Lebanese, for the sake of our children come to your senses, wake up.  Stop this conspiracy before it is too late.

Long Live Free Lebanon