Aoun relentless in pursuit of Lebanon presidency
By Sami Y Haddad,
Ya Libnan Volunteer
Saturday, 5 May, 2007 @ 6:55 PM

Beirut - Michel Aoun's illusion of the presidency continued yesterday when the former General claimed to be the only suitable Christian candidate.

The most shocking part about his announcement is that he sounded serious.

In an interview with Al Aarabiya satellite TV network late Friday Aoun said, ”It will be a shock to all Christians … If 70% of the Christians cannot bring a president, then this is a problem."

Aoun did not reveal how he arrived at the 70% popularity amongst the Christians.

Aoun insisted that it will be impossible to have any other candidate, claiming ”it will be politically impolite if I agree on someone else … I am the candidate.”

Aoun is the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Lebanon

Everyone knows that Aoun is desperate to become the next president. This is why he joined Hezbollah and the pro-Syrian alliance.

Political analyst Joseph Khoury told Ya Libnan, "the more I hear Aoun talk the more I am convinced that this man is sick."

"He must be dreaming to think that 70% of the Christians support him after what he did in destroying Lebanon along with his partners in crime Hezbollah," Chritian leader Dory Chamoun said about Aoun.

Khoury continued, ”it is well known that Aoun is a sick man.” According to reliable sources “he has been diagnosed with bipolar disease for many years, and continues to be treated for it on a regular basis.

"This explains his erratic behavior and his sudden u-turns and outbursts," the analyst continued.

"Can you imagine such a man to be Lebanon’s next president? Who knows what day Aoun will be Dr Jekyll and when he will switch to Mr Hyde," Khoury pondered.

Aoun continues to dream that 70% of the Christian community supports him. He forgot that since he joined Hezbollah his popularity dived badly .

It seems that by joining the Syrian alliance Aoun is beginning to act like the Syrian regime. He is convinced that only one Christian in Lebanon is qualified to be the president and this person is General Aoun. Just like when the Syrians changed the constitution to allow Bashar el Assad to inherit the presidency from his father, as if he was inheriting a Bank account.

Aoun has even been pushing direct elections which is totally unconstitutional in Lebanon. Again here Aoun is acting like the Syrians when they forced the parliament to change the constitution to allow for the extension of the term of the unpopular president Emile Lahoud.

It is about time Aoun should wake up and learn that there are many qualified candidates in Lebanon to be the next president and he should not count himself amongst them.