(This letter was received from Mr. Zouk on 3/2/01)


Since my last letter six or seven weeks ago I have been observing the political events in the Middle East in general and Lebanon in particular, while analyzing these events, based on my deep knowledge of President Lahoud and his political tactics and manipulation skills, I reached the following conclusions.

The visit of President Lahoud to Bkerke during Christmas is the clearest evidence of his political weakness, most of the political observers in Lebanon and abroad may say this is a tradition in Lebanon and should not be given an extraordinary political significance. Yes, it is normal in Lebanon for the President to visit Bkerke and present his respects to one of the most prestigious, if not the most prestigious, national bastion in Lebanon, but this is not the case of President Lahoud.

Cardinal Sfeir and Prime Minister Hariri were considered on top of a famous list of the... "undesirables"... that also contained President Berri Mr. W. Jumblatt, Secretary General of Hizbollah and key members of his organization "The Lebanese Resistance" among others.

As you may notice from the list, he considered Cardinal Sfeir, by far the most important real danger from the Christian community and may represent a formidable enemy against the implementation of his anti- democratic, anti-liberties, anti-human rights and unconstitutional "political project". President Lahoud plans were to erect himself as the sole leader of the Christian communities, be perceived as, their hero, who got back to them the full domination of Lebanon, and be the only voice speaking on their behalf.

He never realized that the Christians community would not give up their democracy, their civil, public and individual liberties, their human and civil rights in order to, Lahoud achieve the political domination of Lebanon, their demands are to have their fair legitimate share of power in a multi communities, sovereign, and democratic country.

His biggest frustration comes from his clear failure to monopolize the representation, respect and adhesion of the Christian community, and considers Cardinal Sfeir responsible for the above mentioned most important failure. This is why in previous letters I openly asked all Lebanese to help and contribute to the protection of Cardinal Sfeir for the real dangers, he is being exposed to.

President Lahoud’s sense of desperation and vulnerability force him to pay a courtesy visit to Cardinal Sfeir hopping to neutralize his influential voice and positions. His immense hatred toward Cardinal Sfeir is no secret to Lahoud’s inner circles who realize how humiliating to their General the recent visit to Bkerke.

All the Lebanese, absolutely all, must realize that President Lahoud is the head of an evil regime who will not hesitate to commit crimes very grave crimes to impose the political project that he has been chosen since more than 25 years ago to implement when the time is right.

The extension of former President Hrawi’s mandate by 3 years was because the time was still not right to President Lahoud to arrive to the Presidency.

Was his arrival to the Presidency, in the best national interest of the Lebanese people?

I believe that the results of the Lebanese Parliamentary elections and the current mobilization of ample and important sectors of the Lebanese political and social democratic forces in defense of the Lebanese sovereignty, democracy and liberties, answer the question.

The frequent comments of President Lahoud to his visitors that are duly infiltrated to the press, about the comfort and satisfaction he feels from the behavior of Prime Minister Hariri, especially stating the consultation of Hariri with him before Mr. Hariri’s visit to Bkerke and reporting the details of the conversations maintained during the visit, is another clear indication of the great sense of vulnerability he now suffers.

To my judgement, these comments, " infiltrated to the press" are designed to tranquilize and reassure the sponsors or promoters of Lahoud abroad and military officials and secret services officials committed to him and his project inside Lebanon. The comments are meant to give the impression that he is still in full control of all significant political events and that Mr. Hariri like his predecessor Mr. Hoss is under the discipline that Lahoud imposed since he arrived in office, and that his military officials should not worry about their future, and they should maintain or restore their morale and the morale of their subordinates.

As to the comments of President Lahoud regarding his satisfaction of Hariri, I would like to state the following.

I personally do not believe him, I have no doubts that Hariri is the last man on earth that Lahoud would like to deal with as, Prime Minister, the indoctrination , brain washing, and manipulations that I, and others went through to look down on, and hate Prime Minister Hariri, as well as, the other democratic political and spiritual leaders on the list, among others, are enough for me to realize how immoral is President Lahoud, and how immoral are his intentions, plans and project.

Obviously, President Lahoud, has not received the green light yet to convert his covert totalitarian rule into a clear open military rule, otherwise he would have moved into such a position, instead of risking lost of confidence and support from his military supporters that I am convinced most of them did not know his real intentions when they joined his project and now, fear the worst for them and their families should they choose to retire their support and adhesion to his project.

The same logic that it is not yet the right time to Lahoud to move to the next stage of open totalitarian rule, makes it imperative to the Lebanese political, social, intellectual, economic forces and associations backed by the solid support of their spiritual leaders and the free and national press and media, to seek help and support of the leading democracies of the world like the U.S. and European democracies to impede the implementation of Lahoud’s project.

The Lebanese people should not just sit down and wait others to defend their liberties and democracy, as well as, their national dignity and free and independent national decisions, they should mobilize their forces, get to the streets, and demand the freedom of their political prisoners, and the return of their political exiles, they should raise high their heads and shout loud, that the real power and sovereignty resides in the Lebanese people as a total, and its legitimate political leaders. Every one in Lebanon knows that there are many political leaders prevented from representing their electorate from within The Parliament due to, political illegal and unconstitutional decisions and machinations, and, or, to unfair if not contrary to the constitution electoral law imposed on the Lebanese by Emile Lahoud and his regime, while still unmasked by the political and spiritual leaderships.

The Lebanese, must get to the streets and demand the removal of President Lahoud and what he represents from power of course by democratic procedures, and they should invite the army as a Lebanese institution to join them in the defense of Lebanon, its constitution and democratic institutions, and protect its democracy and liberties even if they had to disobey totalitarian and unconstitutional orders.

If the Lebanese take the initiative, the world leading democracies will rush to support them, the Lebanese democratic political and social leaders must take the first step.

Some may argue, that the Lebanese people are too exhausted by the everyday task of finding bread and food for their dear ones, and such political uprising will increase their already severe economic hardships. To my judgement this argument is naive, despite all the good will of Prime Minister Hariri and his ministers, despite, all their efforts and world class friendships, no economic policy will work while President Lahoud and his shabab are actively working in the dark to impede any economic resurrection. The proof to my affirmation is the systematic covert actions taken against (SOLIDAIRE) in order to, force its bankruptcy and then nationalize it, or drive its share prices so low and buy control of it through companies belonging to his unconditional financial groups and sponsors. His plans are to drive the Lebanese into hunger and desperation, and then (SAVE THEM) from their current leaders and corrupt democratic Parliamentary Political System. Can any thing be more immoral?

The Lebanese must be realistic, foreign and Lebanese investors will not rush, simply because of changes in the corresponding laws, no matter how necessary these legislative measures are, as long as, the real power in Lebanon is being exercised unconstitutionally from secret rooms, by secret forces moving in the dark carrying out plans totally contrary to the public declaration of their leader, the master of the regime, President General Emile Lahoud.

How can a country trust its President whose frequent public declarations in favor of the national unity and reconciliation are confronted by his deeds blocking and putting all sorts of obstacles against such unity.

How can a country trust its President whose frequents declarations in support of the Lebanese Resistance is such a monumental lie and political fraud. I know, as well as, his closest cooperators that since years, his biggest obsession and goal is to infiltrate its organization by his "shabab". I can understand Israel, should it have such a goal, but not the President of Lebanon. I thing it is completely immoral, even in politics, to a President to have such diabolic plans against its country’s national resistance who have written a glorious page in the recent Lebanese history... The Lebanese Resistance deserves a better end.

Cordially yours.

Ricardo Charamand

TEL: + 34 646 48 53 99