By: Elie Frangi
My fellow patriots,
We the youth of Lebanon, The future of Lebanon have to raise our voices as one. The sectarian issues that have plagued our beloved nation, plagued our people and our villages from the north of Aakar to the South of Marjayoun. The events of 7 August, should be a reminder to all of us that, we the Lebanese must be strong and united, and not weak and divided.

When it comes to my fellow colleagues and patriots in Lebanon, I see pride and great satisfaction as our future leaders, as our hope, as our inspiration in the diasporas. To see the uncivilised actions of the Syrian Regime including their army, moukabarat dressed as civilians and pro-Syrian militia men attack our future and dreams saddens me. It was an attack of freedom, an attack of civil liberties. The attack on our brothers and sisters was if they attacked me.

As Lebanese in our adopted homeland whether it is Australia, USA, Canada, and France, wherever we live, we must abide by two things:
1. Rule of Law within our adopted homeland.
2. Offer our future and dreams to the students in Lebanon, let them know that there are youth in foreign lands saying, pleading screaming the same things they are.

For Lebanon to be strong, our mentality has to be different, different to the mentality of the yester generation. The events of past history, is exactly that, past history. The time has come to move on and to be strong. Being strong is what Lebanon needs now. Our nation needs its people to be strong, united and as one. There is no more militia v state or Muslim vs Christian, we all have a common dream, a dream of 10452 km sq.

Let our voices be reached, let our voices be heard, our nation is dying, if not already on its death bed, and waiting for its last rites. The remembrance of 7 August will never allow the last rites be read.

Our Martyrs, The Cedars, Our Ruins, Our Nation, Our Youth are our inspiration, the inspiration for a FREE SOVEREIGN AND INDEPENDENT LEBANON.