Remembrance of 7 August 2001
Elie Frangi

Can we as Lebanese forget this date? A day that will go down in Lebanon’s history books as a day of true struggle for freedom. Could we ever repay those courageous students, who like the soldiers they are, held there heads high, like the Cedars on our mountains? All in unison, all chanting the same slogans of freedom. Hand in hand as one, no difference between Maroun and Mohammed, one common goal – Freedom of Lebanon. 

The occupation of Lebanon will end, sooner rather then later. Our hope for the future lies with the current students. The same students that are getting bashed, bruised, and thrown in jail. We ask ourselves why? One answer, three words: Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence.  

The road to freedom is a long one, but like the hope of our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, our vision of Lebanon will be achieved. A Lebanon where Human Rights and the UN Charter are respected. A Lebanon where free speech is encouraged. A Lebanon where fear doesn’t rule and oppression doesn’t reign. A Lebanon where democracy, Rule of Law are respected. A Lebanon where favours and connections (wasta) are eliminated. A Lebanon where the Lebanese rule there destiny. A Lebanon you and I can call home. 

As our Lebanon falls under fire, the reality of political tensions and threats, Lebanese political figures (Syrian allies and puppets) stealing from there people to benefit the pockets, clans and Mafioso rule districts, the economical situation worsens by day, the lack of a true government, a government that listens to what the electorate wants, a nation in disarray, we have one glimmer of hope – Our true patriots, the real Lebanese, the future and inspiration of our nation, the light at the end of the tunnel – Our Brave Students. 

For the events that occurred the 7th of August and days after will never be forgotten. The true culprits will meet there judgment day, and a verdict given by the people of this nation, as our National Anthem proclaims “Kuluna-El-Watan” – We are the nation.