Syrian sleepers: A sign of our success.
Labib Chemali
The United Australian Lebanese Movement

Since the ouster of the last legitimate and constitutional government in 1990, Lebanon has been dragged down a dark path that threatens its very existence. 

The brave students, Lebanon's modern day heroes who are making Lebanon's final stand should be an example we all look to when it comes to our fallen republic.  Against all odds, hardships and oppression they continue to struggle for Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence. 

In the lucky country we have no such hardships, we have no oppression and most important we have genuine Freedom.  I do not believe I am any better than they are and I work to the utmost of my ability to help them in their struggle. 

However, just like they have opponents in Lebanon, we have opponents in the Diaspora.  In Lebanon, their opponents have the backing of a terrorist dictatorship, tens of thousands of intelligence agents and an occupying army; our opponents do not have such backing in Australia. 

The students are armed with faith, hope, genuine patriotism and have our backing; we in turn have the backing of this great nation Australia, with its laws, values and truth, something our opponents cannot comprehend. 

The terrorist dictatorship of Syria and its lackeys may run the show in Lebanon but do no such thing in Australia, and we are free to use civilised, peaceful means to bring freedom to Lebanon. 

Over the years however, Syria and its lackeys have attempted to send out sleepers to disrupt the work we do, to tarnish the name of the Lebanese, and to paint them as a fragmented people who are constantly fighting one another. These sleepers have often come in the most innocent of forms and from the most innocent of organisations. 

By sending pro Syrian Lebanese to offset the work of Genuine Lebanese, the terrorist dictatorship makes the Lebanese look like an uncivilised and splintered society.  I must admit this is quite genius; for if the pro Syrian wins, Syria wins; and if the pro Syrian loses, then it looks like one Lebanese faction has defeated another and Syria wins anyway. 

The positive outcomes of this however is that if they take some much trouble to send out people to disrupt our work and not just in Australia, IT MUST MEAN WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.  It must mean we are making progress and it must mean we scare them. 

To the Patriotic Lebanese in the Diaspora: Keep up the good work, continue in your struggle and most important be good Australians. 

To those on the sidelines doing nothing: Your country needs you now more than ever, every little bit helps. If you do not know how, then ask someone. 

To those pro Syrian sleepers: It amazes me how you can sleep at night knowing you are working for a terrorist dictatorship, we know who you are, we know your tactics and you will not split the Lebanese, you will only make them stronger so that Australia will stay safe from your likes. 

We live in a civilised world and we lobby in a peaceful and civilised manner. The two greatest achievements of the 20th century were the Independence of India through Ghandi and the US Civil Rights Movement through Dr Martin Luther King.  Lebanon deserves no less and Australia is the example to follow.