The Puppets Sway
By: "liberty independence"
The election campaign is up to hail, though who reveals to congregate the challenge? The chairs would not be modified, they dwell to brace the filth upon each. Chairs that are hooked to the stage along with a consistent performance dare less to alter, unvarying the terms. Pity they don’t even mind of removing a scrap of dust, they are destined to last and rule a nation whereas freedom is a myth.

Chairs that calls upon unity that is practiced apart of the actual ground, radically exists on the stage during the everlasting show. Chairs that praise their master hail not the soil. Their actual god is their master that retains the chairs based, and their pockets brimming. Indeed their hand made pockets is the one and only God that they praise and the master is fourthly content, through which the charisma of tyrannies is evolved the desire of approaching and maneuvering a nation the way they crave, the way they pursuit.

The nation is betrayed, obviously unity never existed, whom else rather than the people to blame never the filthy chairs. Years passed on the dust accrued power upon power. The soil became cheap while the dust a hidden priceless treasure. Where as the people fights no longer for the existence of the soil, rather for the base of the dust carrier. "Free the dust and blame the soil for not elaborating unity" The puppets rules as their master require, they are competent in performing the absolute ruling cluster though who is the iron hand, the hand that swings as the puppets abide by each signal.

Hell with the soil, well whom is willing to clear the path for his neighbor to pass, while they are benefiting from the situation. Who is willing to remove the dust upon immortal chairs of ignorance? "Brotherhood is not more than completion to the show, and the show is on to influence the audience". What a performance along with an ignorant audience that is swayed by the dust, neglecting the soil that assembled upon unity, love, and aid.

An audience that blares along with the cheers, laughs along with the laughter, and cries along with the grieving. Calling upon the tyrant to rule, otherwise the show would perish. Mother we had fooled you, you have the aping to disgrace your offspring

Long Live Free Lebanon

Note: I'm not only attacking the latest election in the Metin, rather the entire Election Dilemma in Lebanon. Chairs are passed on from father to son to grandson.