Dear Dad.
By: A True Lebanese

What am I going to tell my kids when they ask me, aren’t those the Syrians who my grandfather used to employ in his field every summer, aren’t those the Syrians who used to harvest our crops, how come they are in charge?
What is your role in the Lebanese army, what do you really do, are you here to protect us dad, or to serve and protect them? What is my future in Lebanon, am I going to be able to speak my mind, or I have to watch what I say?
Are we going to belong to Syria or Lebanon, please dad. I am concerned, can you answer these questions for me?
Who are we and where are we heading?
What is the future of a beautiful country we used to be proud of?
Why do I see little kids starving?
How come so many Lebanese are out of work?
How come our beaches are polluted?
Why do I see a lot of schools closing down?
How come my friends are out of work?
Where are we heading dad, can you tell me what my future outcome is going to be?
Where is the glory my grandfather used to talk about?
Where is the honor my people used to be proud off?
Why are we submitting to outsiders, what happened to our dignity and self respect?
What happened to our free will, what happened to our authors and thinkers, who is in charge of my future and my kids future? Are we going to have any future, or we have to live from day to day like sheep told what to do and when.

Dad, how come so many mothers are crying all the time asking for their kids, what happened to them, did they die, How?. What is the government doing about it?
Why are there so many Syrian workers, where are the Lebanese workers?
How come our farmers are going out of business?
What is happening to the Lebanese economy, why are we paying Syria for our electricity aren’t we suppose to be our own country, or have we become a part of them? I need to know, I am confused dad, please tell me are you an officer in the Lebanese army sworn to serve and protect Lebanon, or you have become someone else? Are you here to insure my future or to hand it over to them, I really need to know? Be honest dad I have heard enough lies already it is time for someone to tell the truth. I keep hearing about this Christian, Muslim stuff, what is it all about, my neighbor's kid Mohammad is my age him and I share the same concerns, we do not look at each other any differently... honestly we treat each other like brothers one goal, one country, one God.

Dad, I hope you can accept my view on the current situation.  Lebanon is dying dad, I see our Lebanese identity becoming something else, my people are loosing hope, I see no future for me or my future kids. I do not even know if we are going
to have a country dad.  In the name of God and Lebanon save us. Bring back the glory that once was;
Give us back our freedom and self-respect,
Give me the chance to walk with pride and honor,
Stand up for me and my kids,
BE A MAM as my grandfather was. 
I am depending on you do not let me down.
Yours truly,
True Lebanese.