Let us prevent further sufferings and atrocities
By: Ricardo Charamand

This letter is intended to reach the Lebanese Institutions, Political and Spiritual leaders, specially Cardinal Sfeir for his independence, courage and free conscious, Spanish and European Institutions, international Media and international Organizations who own their prestige for the defense of Human Rights, like Amnesty International. I would like to insist that, the contents of this letter, if reached the public in a clear and explicit mode, will almost, certainly create such a perplexity among the Lebanese, that could result in an undesirable consequences, even violent revolt of segments of the society to take revenge for their dear ones. This is clearly not the purpose of this letter, the aim is, to prevent further sufferings and atrocities. On the other hand, my profound convictions and commitment with the defense of Liberties, Democracy, Civil and Human Rights oblige me to liberate my conscious and assume the risk of talking about concrete events, hoping that they will be wisely used by all who will receive them and serve and alert the justice, the " Free and Independent Justice" about the criminal methods used by the secret forces who work parallel and in coordination with elements of the Lebanese secret services and high ranking officials of the army, loyal to the head of the pyramid and partially financing their secret mission, salaries and other infrastructure from funds allocated to the army budget.
The Lebanese political, military and judiciary institutions and some political leaders, must pull their heads out of the sands, assume their historic responsibilities and confront the evident and the obvious, and most importantly combat it with serious, transparent and courageous investigations, by the parliamentary justice commission and of course, by the Lebanese "Free Judges and Justice". May I suggest some ideas and questions that certainly suppose to help the investigators with their task, their enormously difficult task, given the circumstances and all kinds of obstacles, threats, bribes that, they will face and have the nerves to reject. In my opinion, Lebanon, its Liberties, Democracy and Dignity, will deserve the efforts and the risks. - Who was behind the criminal massacre of the four judges while fulfilling their duties in Sidon in June 1999? - What was the message intended to be given to the Lebanese justice and its members who have rejected to sell their souls? Warning and intimidation perhaps? - Was it aimed as a serious and criminal warning, never to denounce and/or proceed against the Regime and its members should grave information reached their hands?
- Have the justice and judges been blocked and have their hands tightened by this act of terrorism, in order not to trespass the red lines? - Was it intended to intimidate and force the judges to follow illegal instructions to target and proceed against anybody or organization deemed dangerous to the Regime and its undeclared goals? - And what about " Al Takfir wal Higra"? - Who are they? As an organization. - Who is the German citizen converted to Islam renamed Younis? - How come, the President talked to me about him in Spring of 1999? - Who have created "Al Takfir wal Higra"? What secret forces have been financing them? I am sure that not even the leader of "Al Takfir wal Higra" knew the real identity of whom he was working for and for what purpose. I suggest to the investigators to ask the following questions: - Was the assassination and kidnapping of soldiers and officials of the army a pretext to achieve the following goals and remove certain doubts? - Has the army reached the necessary cohesion and discipline to act collectively with commanders pertaining to all religious against any particular part of Lebanon or any organization, even if it was tainted or, in fact is a religious or fundamentalist? - Was it intended to serve as a warning to all and every organization, formation or entity belonging to all and every religious-spiritual of the Lebanese different communities, as well as, its political, social, labor and scholastic association and parties? - Was it aimed to serve as a test to the operational skills and readiness of the army, thus giving a serious and converting message to the domestic political forces and regional powers, that the Regime is solidly backed by the military and is reliable?
Of course I am not against a Lebanese powerful, cohesive and disciplined national-patriotic army, guaranteeing the security and independence of Lebanon and all the Lebanese, equipped with the best technology, and above all, with a moralistic and ethical code of conduct, serving under the orders of the corresponding institutions. All the contrary, I am in favor of such an army. What all Lebanese must avoid and prevent, the mal use of their armed forces, history has given the World many examples as Nazi Germany or the regional Arab countries. Mr. Tueni, the above mentioned writings, obviously should be considered as sensitive, specially in Lebanon, where it might be used unwisely. Please make sure that it reaches the authentic patriotic spiritual leaders of Lebanon specially Cardinal Sfeir who all the Lebanese, with their spiritual and political leaders should support and contribute to protect his independence. Lebanon may only guarantee its future and prosperity, when all the Lebanese with all its religious families and ideological tendencies, unite choose the transparent, frank and cordial dialogue to solve their differences and walk to the future holding hands and facing the globalization challenges, well equipped with their unity, culture, education and loyalty to Lebanon and its institutions, and of course, with their faith. Everyone following the rules and teachings of his Sacred Book. Lebanon may only exist in peace, when all Lebanese have absolute respect to each other's faith and religion. After all, we all believe in God. Mr. Tueni, I deeply believe that Lebanon needs a permanent and long term massive media campaign, promoting patriotism, love to the land and loyalty to its institutions.
The continuous promotion of Democracy explaining its principles and code of conduct. The duty of all the Lebanese everyone in his post, and according to his capacity to defend Civil and Human Rights, and last but not least, defend and protect the Dignity, Independence and Liberties of Lebanon, for the benefit of its people, all its people, and for the future generations. Mr. Tueni, I do not know for how long I can keep writing, and whether this is my last letter, I am getting weaker and weaker, day after day due to, an indefinite Hunger Strike I declared since September 26, 2000, protesting the lack of action and attention of the Lebanese political leaders, the Spanish and European Union political leaders and their institutions, who have chosen to pretend ignorance of the circumstances that my Family " Spanish and consequently European", 8 persons in total with children and parents in law at the age of 80 years, suffering very serious diseases. For interests that I ignore, but may never justify their lack of action and concern, permitted that my Family has been living under the horror of assassination, kidnapping and apparent suicide, for more than 8 eternal months. The severely traumatic conditions and sufferings under which my Wife, 3 Daughters, Brother and Parents in Law have been living for the last 8 months, has made it impossible for me to support any longer. It is unacceptable and intolerable that solid democracies of the civilized world permit an evil man, even if he was the president of a country to commit a terrorist act threatening a whole European Family with death, kidnapping and suicide, and get away with it. If politicians, for reasons of doubtful national interests choose not to protect their citizens, the Free press and specially televisions should bring up the case and denounce the terrorist act , thus inciting the justice to act and investigate. For your information, President Lahoud, has borrowed all the money we had, all our savings and the saving of my parents in law.
He has asked us to urgently borrow money from the banks quarantining the credits with our homes and pension payments of my Father in law, all this we have done happily and loyally while we still believed in him and his false terrible political project. After this done, he started the next stage of his plans with my Family and Brothers, pressing us to form part of his secret forces, indirectly showing us that we have no choice but to obey, as everything we had we have given to him and we had no documents to prove it, he also indicated that all our social life, our close friends is distorted due to, money borrowed from them to borrow him. The same happened with our professional contacts, customers and the companies we worked for, who also borrowed him money. When we resisted to form part of his secret forces alleging that, we accepted his invitation to join a political project, which seemed to us great, democratic, respectful of the rule of law and Human Rights. His answer was, he will fulfil his promises with us on the condition of our incorporation to his secret forces and obeying orders, without asking questions and without questioning its moral and ethical methods and goals, otherwise, he will have us and our Families pass through unimaginable difficulties and hunger. I left Lebanon, miraculously, on the 4th. of February with my brother, after a months of home arrest including a five days hunger strike, he finally, and in order to avoid a possible scandal in Lebanon, arranged for my departure to Spain, sending with me, my brother, with a message to be given in the aircraft, to calm down and everything will be alright. The message implied an indirect and implicit threat to my Wife and daughters. A couple of days after my arrival in Spain, I asked for our money and the money of our friends and the banks, he rejected, then, I told him that the next day I shall denounce our case to the Lebanese Embassy, here where he threatened me by death, no matter where I am, even at the end of the world. I started to have doubts, slight doubts, whether we were really dealing with Emile Lahoud, I talked to him about my doubts, his answer was, he will prove according to his ways. I then started talking to the Ambassador and the Consul of Lebanon in Madrid with great difficulties, nobody will mention a word or answer a question before consulting with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Zoheir Hamdan.
Mr. Hamdan talked to me about his brother Mr. Mustafa Hamdan, who is the commander of security forces of the President at the Palace of Baabda. I wrote more than 15 letters to the President Lahoud, sent to him through the Diplomatic bag of the Lebanese Embassy in Madrid or, by fax to numbers given to me by the Embassy in Madrid, so I can reach directly, discretely and with absolute security the President. I talked to high ranking military officials in Baabda, they all very kind, polite and respectful. They gave me the impression that I am known to them, but always there was a reason for Emile Lahoud not to talk on the telephone. One time they told me that at that precise moment they cannot call him, as he was having his dinner. On the 3rd. of May 1999, I went to the Embassy with my Wife and 10 years Daughter, to organize a press conference, days before travelling to Madrid to visit the Embassy, I wrote to the Ambassador, informing him about my plans and asking for his cooperation and protection. I had received nothing from the Embassy indicating me that they will refuse to cooperate. The Lebanese Consul pressed by my insistence that I will not leave the Embassy without denouncing the conspiracy, he called Mr. Zoheir Hamdan, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hamdan start talking to me about the reputation and nobility of my Family, and what I am trying to do, will gravely harm the Family and with absolute correctness and diplomatic language asked me to forget the whole subject and go home. Finally, the Embassy called the police to take me, together with my Wife and Daughter out of the Embassy. I have no inconvenience to deliver a complete dossier of my correspondence with the Embassy in Madrid, and with the Palace of Baabda, to any serious media institution or Spanish, European institution or Lebanese political leaders, or even talk to them. Any such petition should come very soon as my health and weakness due to, the Indefinite Hunger Strike will impede me to satisfy talking or meeting with them. Dear Mr. Tueni, I am getting very tired and too weak to continue writing, but before ending my letter, and just in case I could not write again, I must warn the Lebanese, its political and spiritual leaders, as well as, its social, labor and scholastic associations together with the bankers, industrialists, business and intellectual personalities to be alert.
I expect street riots, impacting assassinations, social and labor upheavals and protests against the politicians and political class in general, provoked, organized and incited by the secret forces and their allies, enabling the Regime to declare Lebanon in an Emergency situation, suspending the functions of the Parliament, arresting its members and other political leaders, at best ... some of them, specially Former Prime Minister Mr. Hariri, Mr. Jemblat and perhaps, various others, who have an undesirable influence and the power to mobilize important popular forces from different communities, religions and geographical areas, these leaders risk premeditated accidental assassinations. The military will suspend the free speech and press, strikes, their movements from their homes will be restricted to few hours, only enough to purchase their essential needs. The army then, will rush to distribute rations of food to the poor and loyal, in the name of President Lahoud thus, gaining the sympathy of an important segment of the Lebanese population, to legitimize his military rule with some popular approval and support. Soon after a political party will be formed and will dominate the Lebanese political life for decades, of course allied with regional power. As for the future Government, may I permit myself the luxury to advise the future candidate to head it, specially, if he happened to be Former Prime Minister Mr. Hariri, never ever to accept this task, if he does not have direct and full control of the Ministry of Interior, Former President Mr. Gemael also offer a guarantee to do the very needed cleaning and deep changes in the Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must also be under control of a powerful very democratic and prestigious personality.
The dismantling of the net of secret forces is a must, I realize how difficult it is going to be, but the Lebanese Democracy cannot afford to have a Government in the shadow with secret forces serving it and its goals, trespassing all possible limits. The sophisticated spying and listening equipment's are under the direct control of President Lahoud and his most unconditional and loyal men from the secret service and the military, even though, I do not believe that, they are located in any official installations. Nobody in Lebanon should feel that his communications are safe, even mobile phones that operates with tickets or cards, are not safe. Cars, homes, offices and meeting rooms must very frequently be searched for possible listening equipment. A lot of personnel, employed by ministries, hotels, beach chalets, specially the ones in charge of cleaning are informants, and working for the secret forces. As you may realize, the task to recover decency to the Lebanese Democracy and political, social, labor and business life is enormous and very complex. Banks, industries and important businesses must pay special care, keep strict control of their financial and accounting employees, as well as, independent accounting companies. This is one of the methods, the secret forces use, to get their financial secrets and taxes payment records, in order to be used for extortion and blackmailing. The future Prime Minister undoubtedly have a formidable task ahead of him, it is like walking in a mine field full of traps.

For any further clarifications, please contact me very soon to the following telephone numbers: 0034 646 48 53 99 / 0034 627 55 13 04 or to my address: Ricardo Charamand Paseo Canovas del Castillo,