The boat is rocking
By: Simon Khalife

The boat is rocking and I am scared
I know I shouldn’t be
Because you promised you’ll be with me.
Why you don’t help me?

Why don’t you avoid the hurt and the doubt?
Why do you tempt me?
You allow every reason for me to pout!

This is not how I see you this is not how I pray
Because every time I hear you, you keep calling my name.
The boat is rocking hard
And You are sleeping still on board
Why do You wait to get up and stop the boat on shore?

I am still weak O Lord, as human as you say
You know me more than I know myself, and you know how I pray
I pray that you forgive me every time I might
Get lost in my sins and loose You out of sight

Just never give up on me
Never sleep so deep
Stand up on my boat, order the storm to stop
And it will stop at Your feet.

With every thought of You, I climb mountains of faith
Funny that when I get to an obstacle, I feel kind of misplaced
I chicken out and want to hide
But I keep thinking of you
And I know the Storms will calm down
Because you are not sleeping
You are here to be called upon!