Who Is the Traitor?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN countries grow bigger and are busy with their own internal problems, it is hard for them to ensure their security and maintain their treaties with others. In such a scenario we say the past was better and start worrying about the future. We start thinking why people arenít optimistic and comfortable any longer. The rise of fundamentalism has led to a situation where the principles of the past are being applied to the present. Afraid of being accused as traitors and foreign agents, people are prepared to join fundamentalist movements.

Hezbollah is one such movement which has imposed itself on Lebanon and caused more devastation than the enemy. Hezbollah, which has confiscated the freedom of choice of the Lebanese by pretending to be a religious movement, is actually using religion as a political tool.


Hezbollah had to justify its existence as a legitimate religious movement which represents a segment of the Lebanese. Because of this need Hezbollah didnít mind causing the destruction of Lebanonís infrastructure and leaving thousands of Lebanese homeless. To top it all Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah has claimed victory over Israel.

Hezbollah, which is dancing to the tunes of Syrian intelligence, claims to be a Party of the God and it canít go wrong. Syrian intelligence didnít fail to attend Hezbollahís ďvictory celebrationĒ although the people of Lebanon no longer consider Hezbollah a Lebanese movement.

Not satisfied with claiming victory in the war Nasrallah, who acts under the instructions of Tehran and Damascus without worrying about Lebanonís interests, warned the Lebanese that they would be accused of being traitors if they didnít join his movement. Such tribal and sectarian ideology is unseemly and reveals the ignorance of the man.

If anybody asks who between Nasrallah and Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Al-Siniora is more patriotic, the Lebanese have a ready answer. The people of Lebanon have rejected fundamentalist projects and defused Hezbollahís to establish a totalitarian system in that country.


As sad circumstances have reached their peak, good things of the past will return, soon.
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