After Lebanon, saving Palestine
Posted on 8/31/2006
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

The designs of fundamentalist movements and parties, which are keen to reach leadership positions, have been exposed. These movements begin with offering their whole-hearted cooperation to the government. However, once they gain the trust of the leaders, they take over their roles and start criticizing them, who by this time will have become weak and unable to fight back.

We saw this classic maneuver in Lebanon, where Hezbollah offered its assistance and partnership to the Lebanese government before establishing its own state and hijacking the government’s role by leading that country and its people to a war against Israel. The only outcome of Hezbollah’s maneuver has been the destruction of Lebanon.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are doing the same in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. After winning a majority in the Parliament, Hamas has been doing its best to weaken the Palestinian Authority. Instead of forming a national government to work under the leadership of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas has formed a government consisting of only its own members. Now it is demanding members that the Palestinian Authority leave the Legislative Council, indicating a new era of fundamentalism is about to replace the old one.

In Lebanon the dust has settled after the end of the war. For the first time in Lebanon’s history, the legitimate government has been able to exercise its authority and deploy its army all over the country. After a long time the Lebanese government has secured its northern and southern borders from the Syrian and Iranian wolves, which are still trying to infiltrate and implement their nefarious designs on Lebanese soil.

In a recent speech the Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora calmed his people saying “the government will protect and compensate victims who have lost their homes and farms and have been rendered jobless.” Not long ago, no Lebanese official would have dared to say any such a thing fearing threats and accusations of acting against ethical and religious principles.

We wonder why the international community cannot adopt the same method in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to rescue the Palestinian Authority. Why the UN Security Council is hesitating to pass a resolution allowing the formation of a multinational force to eliminate outlaws and release the Palestinian Authority from the grip of agents of Iran and Syria in Palestine. These tools in the hands of Tehran and Damascus wouldn’t care less of all the Palestinians are killed and their homes destroyed.

The international community must follow the example set in Lebanon and come up with firm decisions and resolutions to provide poor Palestinians with protection and peace. The outlaws in Palestine won’t mind wasting the lives of thousands of Palestinians prisoners in Israeli jails for the sake of keeping one Israeli hostage. Head of Hamas Khalid Mishaal acts according to the instructions of Syrian President Dr Bashar Al-Assad and won’t waste any energy thinking about the endless massacres being committed by Israel in Palestine on the excuse of defending itself.

By exploiting the Palestinian cause, Khalid Mishaal, who is more loyal to Damascus, is giving Israel a good excuse to continue its massacre of Palestinians. At this stage the Palestinian Authority needs the support of the international community to implement peace treaties and accords.

If the international community takes a firm stand and implements the Lebanese example in Palestine, we can save the lives of innocent Palestinians by beating the heads of snakes in Syria and Iran. The bonus will be the elimination of Palestinian outlaws, who will face death at the hands of Israeli forces.