A ‘read’ on Faisal jibe
Posted on 8/28/2006 12:23:44 PM
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

AT a recent press conference Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal used sign language to stress some points because he knew his audience was bright enough to understand what he wanted to say. In an indirect reference to Arab countries which are close to Iran, Prince Saud Al-Faisal said “some Arab states are compromising their Arab identity through ties with non-Arab countries.”
We don’t know for how long Arab officials can maintain vague relations with their people during tough times, although they know they can retain their seats only as leaders. We are trying to explain the sign language used by Prince Faisal and its meaning because protocol and his position don’t allow him to say what he wants to say frankly. At his press conference Prince Faisal meant the Syrian regime and its strategic ties with Tehran. For Damascus, Iran has become more important than any Arab country.
Funds from Tehran are filling the pockets of some important persons in Syria instead of being deposited in the treasury of that country. Syria gets financial assistance from Iran for contracts to murder, which has become a part of Damascus’ black history and tradition. The international community did a blunder by only beating the tail of the snake (Hezbollah) in Lebanon and missing the heads in Damascus and Tehran, allowing them to go ahead with their ambitious plan to overpower the Middle East.
Syria and Iran form the core of danger in the region. The leaders of both countries have lost their integrity as they have become experts in changing colors. They change their stands to suit their needs in the blink of an eye. President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad started his tenure with claims of throwing Israel into the sea but has ended up with nothing. No one knows the structure of authority in Iran or who is its decision maker. The only thing we are sure about is that Tehran is keen to resurrect the greed of the Persian Empire.
With its unconcealed ambition, Iran has become a dangerous power which Arabs can use against each other. This is exactly what Prince Saud meant when he warned about losing Arab identity. Iran wants to use its nuclear program as a base for its imperialistic dreams and not to meet its energy needs. As the fourth largest oil producing country in the world and the second in producing natural gas, Iran is rich with energy sources. It doesn’t really need expensive nuclear power.
If Iran is allowed to go ahead with its nuclear program and refuse surprise inspections by officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency, then it will be a source of threat to Gulf countries, which supply the energy that feeds the world’s economy and industry. This is why, as Prince Faisal said, losing Arab identity becomes dangerous. Arab countries with close ties to Iran could become a Trojan horse full of Iranian soldiers within the wall of Arab castle. Lebanon has already paid a heavy price for Iran’s ambitions as some Lebanese served Tehran’s interests putting back their own country by 20 years.
Arab countries, which follow Iran’s path, may lose their identity and meet the same fate that befell Lebanon. Syria, which is being led by some mercenaries who are colleting dollars from Iran, will be the first victim of such devastation.
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