The Seven Points

By: Marc Choucair

December 14/06


 The great debate which Lebanon is now facing needs to be taken into consideration from both conflicting sides, since it is leading in a way to disappointments on the national level and is eventually slowing the economical cycle that is becoming unbearable for the Lebanese.


The national politicians, taking into consideration their differences have to be more responsible towards the average Lebanese citizen who reached an extensive phase of disappointment seeking for solutions.


The solutions can never be found by one party, the Politicians disregarding their concerns are not willing for a half way solutions, therefore it is the right for the Lebanese to reconsider the politicians stands through a new general elections which will follow a new status qua that will decide the new path and destiny of Lebanon.


However, under the actual facts it is impossible to change the parties positions until new solutions will come up, in my point of view it is represented by new elections under a fare electoral law, in the mean time the so-called majority will definitely refuse the new elections as if there might be a possibility to loose the majority in the parliament and the reason why they might disagree, is the fact that Hezbollah is still carrying its weapons, and in my point of view it is a right for a country to have a resistance when it is still under occupation, therefore it is impossible for Hezbollah to reconsider its disarmament as long as the occupied hasnít has not been solved.


It is important for the parties to sit together once again to agree on the following points, after establishing a transitional government.


1-     Refer to the Security Counsel for a resolution asking the Israelis to withdraw from the last Lebanese occupied land and the exchange of the prisoners.

2-     Establish a Lebanese committee to study the Mix Tribunal for ratification.

3-     Prepare a new electoral law.

4-     Activate the constitutional Counsel.

5-     Prepare new parliamentary elections.

6-     Elect a new President.

7-     Establish a new cabinet.


Once the UN resolution is implemented there will be no need anymore for the Arms of Hizbollah, because the reason behind carrying the weapons is solved.


The national dialogue ought to agree on those seven points, and in my point of view this is the last solution before any possible clash which might lead to a possible dramatically escalation and we should ask for the assistance of the international community (if it is sincere on assisting Lebanon) for issuing the resolution and implementing it.