Pierre Gemayel Is another Martyr
Randa Takieddin Al-Hayat - 22/11/06//

Lebanon received another bloody message with the assassination of the young Minister of Industry, Pierre Gemayel, who struggled for the independence and sovereignty of his country. He worked with the majority to restore sovereignty and stop foreign interference.

How, then, can the Lebanese then refuse an international tribunal? Is it reasonable that these crimes against the honorable fighters for freedom and sovereignty continue at a time when there are some Arab countries that still have reservations about the International Tribunal?

Targeting minister Gemayel, who sacrificed his life for his country's sovereignty, is an intimidating message from the criminals who had assassinated former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, Minister Basil Fuleihan and their fellow companions, Gibran Tueini, Samir Kassir and George Hawi. They are also those who tried to assassinate Minister Marwan Hamadeh and my colleague Mai Chidiac.

The assassins want to intimidate the Lebanese and spread panic and instability at a time when the date of the International Tribunal is approaching and the truth will be revealed.

Does not Lebanon have the right to be a model for punishing the murderers of officials and young people? All those who are opposed to the International Tribunal should be aware today that the death of Minister Pierre Gemayel was aimed to carry out a coup on whoever wants to liberate Lebanon and restore its sovereignty. Any opposition to the implementation of the International Court resolution is a response to the will of the assassins, who want to eliminate the youth of Lebanon and all those who have a promising future in a sovereign, independent country.

It is noticeable that the assassins target the youth who have a role in the future of the country and in implementing the principles that had been maintained by Pierre Gemayel - independence, boldness and courage. Lebanon is being exposed to a process of destabilization. No country, foreign or Arab, has the right to reject the International Tribunal.

The opposition forces of Hezbollah and Michel Aoun should show a sense of responsibility, in light of such a dangerous circumstance in Lebanon. They should unite the ranks of the Lebanese and show patriotism in defending the cause of the martyrs of liberty and the freedom of speech.

General Aoun must show responsibility and work to avoid further disasters in the country and in the Christian street, and to forestall a seemingly imminent civil war. The objective of the murderers of Pierre Gemayel is to prevent the establishment of the International Tribunal by all possible means, whether murder, destruction, or civil war.

Is it accidental that all the liquidations were done by only one body, and that all the victims were advocates of freedom who struggled for the sovereignty of their country and were among the majority that opted for independence? Do the killers want to turn Lebanon into another Iraq? Do those criminals want to expel the Christians, without whom Lebanon will cease to exist?

Lebanon, the country of coexistence, future and peace, is unacceptable to the criminals, who want destruction and devastation. If they stand trial, the Tribunal will definitely reveal the truth! The International Tribunal is an indispensable demand for the sake of Lebanon